Monday, December 29, 2014

Kalahari Fun with the Fam

My sister surprised us all for Christmas with an impromptu weekend getaway to Kalahari, an indoor water park in Sandusky. This place is massive and a little overwhelming - water slides, wave pool, kiddie areas, bars, restaurants, arcades and games, and a huge hotel.  It was a little like Disney World on a smaller scale, but still, people EVERYWHERE!!!  We started off the afternoon with some family fun.  The older kids hurried to the water slides.  Dave, Anderson, and I took our time with a little lazy river, wave pool, and kiddie areas.  My mom held Anderson so we could take a trip down a water slide.

We went to dinner at Chet and Matt's (seriously the best pizza in Sandusky or maybe anywhere for that matter) and then everyone turned in while Dave and I hit up the water park again until it closed.  In about 45 minutes we were able to do five water slides.  My favorites were the ones with the individual inner tubes.  You betcha, I slept well that night.

Sunday, yesterday, we got up, had breakfast and started all over again.  Dave and I added some attractions to our list.  He went down a body slide, while we both did the boogie boarding.  Yeah, I got a lot of water up my nose with that one.  And some serious wedgies!!!  Most of the day was spent chilling with my homies and making sure Anderson didn't turn into a human Popsicle. 

The ride home was quiet.  Needless to say, we turned in early last night.  I'm still really tired this morning.

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Val said...

So glad you guys squeezed in some fun time! It's a great place. =)