Monday, March 16, 2009


Since I started blogging every day, I've had a WHOLE lot of new readership. So newbies (or anyone), now is your chance to get some questions answered.

Want to know what my favorite kind of running shoe is and why?
Want to know where I like to vacation?
Want to know how many miles I run in a week?
Want to know my favorite marathon and why?
Want to know my favorite flavor of Power Gel?
Etc., etc., etc.!

Ask away!

Answers will come later this week.


maria k said...

pre run rituals?
gu/gatorade of choice?
post run/race rituals?
favorite race youve ever done?

lindsay said...

-favorite/best running workout?
-favorite local restaurant?
-typical pre-long-run/race dinner?
-most embarrassing running-related story?
-coolest project you worked on when you were in engineering land?