Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Movie Hints

You guys did a great job on the Thursday Thoughts Movie Quiz last week. But, there are still six remaining and I want to see if you can get them all. So, I am going to give you a few hints to see if you can finish the job.

4. This is a war/romance movie about a very important time in US history.

7. Stars the same lead actors as #2.

9. Another war movie about a famous airplane.

12. The oldest movie on my list. So old, it's a musical.

13. Disney sports movie based on a true story.

20. A movie about a baseball team that hasn't one a pennant in a long time.

I'll give all the answers on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

4 - Pearl Harbor

7 - Joe vs the Volcano

9 - Memphis Belle

12 - Singing in the Rain

13 - The Rookie

20 - Major League

Flatman said...

Dang...Anonymous stole my thunder! :| Fun game though...sorry I missed it last week.

lindsay said...

no fun anonymous!

with this new hint i was going to say for #20 the "movie with the cleveland indians and the owner lady wants to sell them" which i think is the same as major league.

ninjamarathonman said...

Missed the original post, which is a shame. I never would have missed a Major League reference.

Meredith said...

Gosh I love Major League. There are so many good quotes from it but to me they're all obvious so I went for something a little less obvious.

Or maybe I'm just a die hard Indians fan and no one else knows what I'm talking about. :)