Sunday, March 29, 2009


Coach is all about recovery.  There is always a day of the week where I am not allowed to do any kind of physical activity.  She also schedules my workouts so that every three weeks there's a recovery week.  And she really stresses the importance of recovery after each and every workout.

This is where I am failing.

Even after quitting my full-time job, I am finding that I am having to squeeze in my workouts.  In doing this, I am not stretching, having a recovery drink/meal, and alleviating the stresses I am putting on my body.  But after the crappy week of training I've had this week, I am going to try to rectify the situation immediately.  

While in Chicago with Coach, she taught me how to make a recovery drink with whey protein.  It wasn't all bad, so this week I went to the grocery store and bought all the ingredients.  She has also discussed with me using compression socks, not only for the continual travel that I do, but as a post-workout circulation aid.  Today, I purchased a pair of socks (and boy are they tight!).  I am also going to work more on stretching, de-stressing the body, and better nutrition (although this may take a backseat until the marathon is over in three weeks).

I'm learning that it's not enough to put in the miles, laps, and routines.  I have to take care of myself physically to achieve my goals.


Michelle said...

So much easier said than done, isn't it? Good luck--I bet you'll continue to see improved results!

lindsay said...

i hate how all these parts are harder to stick to than the running/working out! i am even more terrible at watching what i eat, stretching, relaxing, etc than i am at logging miles.

good luck in your attempts - you know it will pay off!

Marcus Grimm said...

I love compression socks... always wear them after hard workouts, esp. the long runs. My favorites are Zensah - they're expensive, but they only go ankle to knee, so they don't get as stinky as fast.

You should post the whey recipe.. I'm curious.