Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Things I Shouldn't Admit

I am obsessed with Harry Connick, Jr. I own 15 of his albums, seen him in concert 5 times, and have seen most of his movies. When I tell people I love him because of his talent, most people don't believe me. Why is that? :)


Lauren said...

I was just listening to "She" on the way into the office this morning. I've been obsessed since circa 1994 (first time I saw him in concert).


Meredith said...

"She" is my favorite Harry Connick, Jr. Song.

Michelle said...

It's funny--I was going through some old CDs a few months back--or maybe it was when I was unpacking them right after we moved back to Ohio. I hadn't listened to any of my HCjr CDs in a long time, but I was amazed that I remembered the words to so many of the songs. Guess I listened to them over and over and over and over in H.S.
So, if you had to pick between him and Michael Buble, could you, and which one?

lindsay said...

i love hope floats for some random reason. AND it's been on tnt/tbs or something a lot lately. what a treat :)