Monday, March 02, 2009

February Totals

This, by far, has not been my healthiest winter. In February I was sick twice--once with my umpteenth sinus infection and once with a stomach bug. Regardless I did decent on the running miles and even got in some swimming. After informing Coach I didn't want to ride my bike, I wanted to swim, she decreased my biking to one 20 minute session in February. I think she forgets sometimes that I'm not a multisport athlete. I am a runner who likes to swim.

Swim = 6300 meters
Bike = 3.44 miles
Run = 73.57 miles
Other = 1 hour

Dave does more swimming in a week than I did the whole month, but I'm not training for Ironman either. The "other" category was pretty slim this month. That's because it was race month and the weight work should have already been done or else it was incorporated as a cross training routine within a run. I'm still hoping to get over 100 miles in a month but if I stay healthy in March that shouldn't be a problem as I know I have at least a 17 miler, 18 miler, and a 20 miler. More on my low running miles in a post to come later this week.

For being sick twice, I think I had a pretty good month. I'm looking forward to seeing the schedule for March.

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lindsay said...

i feel like i have to pile on the miles to run a 1:3x half, and here you are doing half the running! not fair!! :)