Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Tuesday I was supposed to do a 3 hour, 18-20 mile run. After the monster training weekend, I was just beat. I set out on my run and knew within a mile it wasn't going to happen. My miles were ticking off at a good pace and heart rate, but my legs felt stiff. My quads were fried, my calves were in balls, and my shins were sore. I ran 4 miles and called it a day.

I sent an e-mail to coach asking if I could move the 20 mile run to later this week. She said no because I have another 3 hour run next week and I wouldn't have time to recover. In addition, we have a really busy week of photo boothing (yeah, it's a word) and she was afraid with all I was doing I would get sick. This IS supposed to be a recovery week. I didn't like this answer. I feel like I NEED another long run. Training with Liz is very different than my usual marathon training. It never seems like I have a peak week now. It feels like all my weeks hold the same number of miles and it's usually not all that many. She says I need to trust my training. Trust, knowing that I've run many, many marathons. Trust her.

Trust....something I'm not very good at.

I feel like the bar has been set really high for Boston. Sure, I have some big goals but my focus has been more about doing better than last year than setting a new time goal. My friends are already hyping the race and telling me how I'm going to kick their butts. I'm not comfortable with this. I WANT to trust the training. I want to believe that what I'm doing is enough.

Today, my shins still hurt. Even though I really wanted to defy coach and head out for my 20 mile run tomorrow morning, I'm going to take the week to back it down and recover. I want to reach the start line healthy and confident.


lindsay said...

i know the feeling. you do have another one next week, and i'm sure the extra rest will help pay off in it's own way. they do say you have to run well and recover well. you've been putting in a ton of work - this one run won't ruin it!

Michelle said...

From your recent posts, sounds like Coach really knows what she's doing . . . . ;-) I know it's not running, but I remember really trying to studying for anatomy class in college (which felt like marathon training sometimes, I think ;-), and just needing a break some days. So, I just left it, and then, when I came back the next day, I was able to concentrate and remember and ended up with an A in the class, I think. For what it's worth . . . .