Saturday, November 07, 2009

Beat Michigan/Beat Cancer 5K

A week ago I got a text message from a girl I work with. (Side note, yes I own my own business and that's my full-time job, but I also teach gymnastics part-time.) She let me know there was a 5K that the gym was a sponsor of and we wanted to surprise our boss by signing up as many staff members as we could. Well crap! First week of triathlon training and I had to ask Coach to rearrange my workouts and promise her I wouldn't race. I'm sure reluctantly, Coach agreed.

After getting home from an event at 1:30am this morning, Dave and I got up a few hours later to meet everyone for the race. It was a brisk morning with a temperature that was on the edge of shorts or tights. I went tights. I should have gone shorts. We met at Gini's house. She was so excited to be having everyone over. She had cinnamon rolls and fruit, juices and water. She made me giggle. We went to the race early to watch Wendy's daughters participate in the 1-mile fun run. It was super-cute to watch all the little kids run around and around the track.

Then it was time for the 5K to line up. We met up for a before-picture:

The gun went off and Dave and I ran together. I let the little kiddos dash off. I held back and ran comfortably. First mile: 8:18. Hmm, a little faster than I should be going. I felt like I was keeping the same pace, but I started to notice Dave breathing a little heavy. And then he wasn't there at all. Mile 2: 7:42. I SWEAR I was not running hard! The race was a two loop course. Just after mile 2 I started to catch up with the people walking. I moved outside the cones just so I could get some running room. Then there was a bus right beside me. Yikes! That was close! I then moved back inside the cones. Finally I turned inside the track. Mile 3: 7:24. Yes it might be faster than I should be going, but I swear I was not running hard. Final time: 24:10.

Soon after Dave came in (I didn't see him) and several other girls that I work with. After everyone finished, we took another group picture:

It was a fun race. It's nice to do a race with no pressure and to be out there with great friends.


Stephanie Nichole said...

haha love the post title. We'll be up in CBus for the OSU-M*ch*gan game-- I know they're playing at the state up north, but it will still be awesome to watch the game in CBus.

MrsCJ said...

Very cool! Sounds like a lot of fun and you had a large group there which always makes it fun!