Sunday, November 22, 2009

Week's done; let's celebrate!

Another week of triathlon training has come to a close. This week was tough for me. Last week I had terrible headaches and this week I woke up with sore throats every day. At first I thought I was catching a cold, and therefore didn't do any workouts on Tuesday, but every day the sore throats would subside later in the morning. I also struggled to complete one of the weight lifting workouts as it was like 900 degrees in the gym and I was beyond hungry. I left the gym after only six exercises as I thought I was going to get sick. After dinner I felt much better.

The workouts themselves are getting easier and better. I don't dread slipping into the pool, straddling the bicycle, and because of some unseasonably warm weather I have gotten out to run without any problems. Obviously the excitement will wear off, but right now things are good.

Next week is a fall back week. There are less workouts but still complete workouts. I will be racing with Dave and my dad on Thanksgiving in the Flying Feather 4 Miler and looking forward to seeing Carrie and her husband there too.

Now, I am going to toast the week with a yummy dinner and perhaps a beverage. :)

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