Friday, November 13, 2009

Foto Friday

I mentioned yesterday that I bought myself a present. Well here it is:

It's a Polaroid PoGo photo printer. It's a little bigger than a digital camera and prints via Bluetooth from computer or cell phone. Of course, it doesn't work with my iPhone, although I have found some evidence that it does. Or, you can plug your digital camera straight into it and print. The quality is not high, but who cares? It prints 2 X 3" stickers. So much fun!

I really like it because I keep a journal about my running. triathlon, and races and it will make it so much easier to include pictures now.

Maybe I'm a teenage girl, but I just think this is the best gift (to myself) ever!


Michelle said...

"maybe I'm a teenage girl" . . . .you crack me up! ;-)

MrsCJ said...

Oh cool gadget! I haven't seen one of these before. Love the sticker option!