Saturday, November 28, 2009

Miscellany for Saturday

A little miscellany for this Saturday:
  • This has been the weirdest Thanksgiving. We had one with my family, one with Dave's family, and I'm yet to have any turkey. Not because I didn't want turkey, because there wasn't any turkey. My family's never got done and we had roast at Dave's family. Weird.
  • Our puppy Sloopy is starting to come out of her shell and develop a personality for us. She's a bit feisty. We're also struggling to come up with a signal to let us know when she needs to go out. We've had a few accidents. She did really well, though at the vet. She didn't cry at all when she got her shots.
  • I've been sick all week. It's starting to tick me off. I don't feel horrible, but I've got a mad case of laryngitis. At Thanksgiving I was only able to whisper. In a family of 12, whispering was worthless.
  • I've had two inquiries to take some pictures for Christmas. Although I've shut the business down, officially, I'm still interested and am really excited to do these portraits.
  • Good luck to my friend Niels and Miss Bree Wee racing in Ironman Cozumel tomorrow.
  • Big announcement coming in the next few days!!
And because how cute is a picture of my dog, check her out blogging:


D said...

Windows Live Writer. You need that.

Meredith said...

Did you notice my computer is a MacBook?