Friday, November 27, 2009

Exciting News for 2010

I got some great news last week. I found out that I got sponsored for 2010 by Trakkers. Trakkers is such a cool device. It is a GPS worn during races and workouts that allows your family and friends to track you. It uses a map interface that can be zoomed into the street level and can even allow your family and friends to tell what side of the street you're on. Although the device does not give feedback to your during your event, you can download the performance information afterward and see how good or bad you did. Although the Trakkers GPS is not currently available for the general public, it has been successfully tested in many races and should be available soon.

Not only is Trakkers a cool device, the sponsorship is a fantastic opportunity. Trakkers has paired with Rev3, a series of races that aims to offer a fun, first class racing experience. As a sponsored athlete I get the opportunity to race in a Rev3 race and be part of all the team events at the race. I'm hoping to do the olympic distance race in Knoxville and Dave is planning on doing the full iron-distance race at Cedar Point.

There are several other sponsors that I will discuss in the future. They're great companies and I'm excited to try out their products.

Thanks Trakkers for choosing me. I look forward to being part of the team in 2010.


MrsCJ said...

Very cool!


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Congratulations Meredith - that's awesome!!! They seem like an great company - I'm so excited for your 2010 season!!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

SO cool! I missed the deadline to apply this year. Maybe next year!
The REV3 series looks amazing, and such a good idea as a mom of 3 kids!

jessithompson said...

I'm new to Team Trakkers too and excited to see what's in store for the year. Seems like a very supportive team!

I love your photos - wow - you're so very talented. I'm jealous!!!