Thursday, November 29, 2012

22 Weeks

22 weeks?  Asian school girl?

My day has been so weird.  Just a little after this picture was taken my dog was barking at me, I guess assuming I was playing, and then promptly bit me putting a hole in my sweater.  Of course, I didn't discover the hole until I needed to leave for my doctor's appointment.  Then I went through about 9 more outfits until I found something appropriate that wouldn't weight a whole lot (seriously, I do not want to clothes into the calculation for weight gained).

Speaking of doctor's appointment....the day kept getting weirder.  I get to the doctor's office and they let me know I didn't have an appointment.  Weird.  I had it written down in my calendar.  Then they asked me why I was there since I wasn't due for my annual.  Are you serious?  You don't see the baby bump?  You didn't notice my growing file that said PREGNANT?!  Luckily, (I guess), the doctor had had a cancellation so they were able to fit me in.

They bring me back and weigh in - up 17 pounds.  Exactly what I expected.  Blood pressure - 112/60.  Then the nurse let's me hear the heartbeat.  Super strong.  Awesome.  Finally it's time with the doctor.  She takes my belly measurements, feels around my belly and then things get strange.  The last time I had an ultrasound was week 15 with my high risk doctor.  My regular OBGYN is going through my chart and mentions to me that the baby was measuring big, as shown in my last ultrasound.  Really?  Nobody mentioned that to me.  Then she's poking around my belly and said I'm measuring big.  And no lie, in the same breath told me I was doing great with my weight.  She said the baby was way up in my ribs.  That's when I stopped her and literally asked her what she was talking about.  I have only felt movement below my belly button, plus my muscles are all still attached to my ribs and I can still see core muscles.  She explained this away by saying the baby was breech and I was just feeling the baby's feet down in my lower belly.  I left so upset with the way this appointment had gone that I forgot to get my blood test and now super self conscious about the way I was looking.

I called my mom later in the day, told her about my appointment, and she said, "was your doctor drunk?"  Seriously, I have no idea what happened today.  I swear I have left more doctors appointments upset and confused.  That's not how I should be feeling about my pregnancy.  Luckily, I have an appointment with my high risk doctor in about two weeks with another ultrasound and a growth analysis.  Dave will be with me and we are going to ask A LOT of questions.  Hopefully, that appointment will be less weird.


Stefanie Frank said...

It angers me that doctors (and lawyers and other supposed "professionals") can be so cavalier when dealing with their patients and clients.

I mean WTF?? Aren't we paying them (or our insurance is in some cases)???

I've never been pregnant but had a horrific experience with an eye doc a couple of years ago that put me off going for two years and I'm extremely near sighted. Fortunately I found someone through a referral who treated me like an intelligent human being and actually explained my options.

Here's hoping at your next appointment you receive much better service and information. No doubt having Dave there will help.

Stefanie Frank said...

Oh and I would bet the appointment snafu was their error not yours! Did you ever figure out what happened with that?

Meredith said...

And we love our high risk doctor. But, at this point I don't think we get to choose which doctor we get to have delivering our baby. Is it bad I'm hoping to be more high risk than I already am so that he would be the one delivering the baby?