Sunday, February 15, 2009


The alarm was set for 5:45. I awoke at 3:00 still feeling really nauseous. The alarm went off and I rolled over. I told Dave it wasn't going to happen today.

Three months of training and I spent the morning laying in bed while Dave and my friends were out on the course. I'm not going to lie, there were a lot of tears shed throughout the day. Dave finished in the top 20 men in the 10K; Helen finished third overall in the marathon; and Andrea finished first in her age group in the marathon. And based on the times I saw today, if I had run what I planned I would have finished 2nd overall in the half marathon.

In all 8 years of my running I have never trained specifically for a half marathon. This would have been my first and I was anxious to see what I could have accomplished. So now what? Coach has the master plan and I know there is a 15 mile run planned in two weeks. There happens to be a 15 mile race in town in two weeks and I've already registered for it. But I'd also like to know what my results would be if I raced a half marathon. I found a half, the Crystal Coast Half Marathon in Morehead City, NC, in two weeks, one day before the 15 miler planned. Coach said I could move the 15 miles to this week, taper for one week, and then run 17 miles the week after the half marathon. But I also don't want to travel eleven hours in a car to run another freakin' 1:45, plus I've already paid for the 15 miler and it's A LOT cheaper than the half marathon.

So internet, what should I do?


Andrea Hill said...

When I texted you about my disappointment at RnRAZ, your first question was "is it worth it?" I know right now you're reacting to disappointment, but the fact is, you were primed for yesterday's race. Holding off for two weeks is likely going to put you past that prime anyway, and you still won't know what you were capable of under those conditions.

You already had a race planned for that weekend, so you can still test out your racing legs..

Meredith said...

I don't get to "race" the 15 miler. It will be used as a training run and most likeli I will never get out of zone 2.

lindsay said...

you have fast friends! and your theoretical 2nd overall isn't too shabby either. who knows, you could've been vying for first.

i'm so sorry the bug didn't pass in time for you to really rock this race :( i can't imagine how you feel having to pull yourself out of the race. but, definitely the smarter decision so you could rest up and get better and not end up with a disappointing i-raced-when-i-was-sick time.

i'm gonna have to agree with what andrea says and say i don't think you should go for the nc half. in addition to timing, you don't need the added stresses of travel, squeezing in a race, etc. coach can't figure out a half a few weeks from now that would work and give you time to build up to a peak again?