Saturday, February 21, 2009

Retail Therapy

Dave and I went to the sporting goods store today to pick him up a new swimsuit. While he was shopping, I checked out all the running gear. I totally dig Nike's new cotton-like training shirts (the Columbus Marathon had them as their race shirts this year) and they had these shirts with really cool sayings on them. My favorite said "Strong is the new Beautiful." I REALLY wanted to the shirt, but alas they only had a size medium and I am an extra small.

But then I was thinking, I'd like to create my own saying on one of those Nike shirts. I went out to the Nike website and found you could make your own shirts, but it was very limiting as to how many characters and what exactly you could put on the shirt.

So my friends, I need help. I want a Nike sportfit shirt (grey or red, preferably) that says "Fast is the new Awesome". How might I go about getting something like that done?

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Anonymous said...

Columbus marathon shirt is turning into my favorite running shirt. Underarmour has something similar that I love running in (it comes in long sleeve, short and now tanks).