Friday, February 06, 2009

Ready to Run

As I eluded to earlier this week, I have my first "A" race of the season next week. It's a unique half and full marathon called "Last Chance for Boston." This year it's too late to be last chance. Maybe they should call it First Chance for Boston 2010? Anyway, this race is very unique as it's a 1-mile loop that you do over and over again. You might think that sounds insane to run a race like this, but this will be the 5th time I've run it. I've had great success here too. My current half marathon PR is on this course. I'm hoping to have another PR run this year.

Today was my last solid run before the race. It was a scheduled treadmill run where I started in zone 1 and ended in zone 4. The best part was, I hit all the zones and even had trouble climbing into zone 3. This is a really good sign as I've been known to run a whole half marathon in zone 4.

My current PR in the half marathon is 1:41. According to all literature and people I talk to, I am WAY under achieving. I mentioned to the owner at the Columbus Running Company on Wednesday that I was aiming for a 1:39. He said I should be able to go 1:37.

My game plan: run as fast as I can for as long as I can and hopefully come out with a PR and maybe even a qualifying time to NY.


lindsay said...

have confidence! you have trained hard, put in all the work and you are ready for a pr!

Andrea Hill said...

Hm, so I guess we're not running together? :(