Monday, February 16, 2009

If At First You Don't Succeed..., run again.

And that I did. Today I headed out on a 15 mile run. The plan was this:

4 mile warm-up zones 1 & 2
2 miles of building
6 miles at marathon pace
3 miles cool down

Here's how it went down:

Miles 1-4:
Avg HR-156
Max HR-168

Mile 5:
Avg HR-177
Max HR-184

Mile 6:
Avg HR-181
Max HR-194

Miles 7-12:
Avg HR-177
Max HR-190

I wasn't able to finish the run. After three days of eating very little I just ran out of energy. I really suffered through the last two miles of marathon pace, but I'm pretty excited about how the run went.



Great solid run after a few days of utter hell...FYI--if you're still soliciting, 11 hours in a car just to run a Half-Mary sounds horrific. Keep building your strength and just blow it out in the next one!!

Meredith said...

There is no next half marathon. I have nothing planned beyond Boston and I don't plan on putting anything on the schedule

Dave said...

Therein lies the problem. If there's going to be a replacement race, it has to be soon because of Boston, and there just aren't many around Ohio in February. I'll go against the grain and say if it means a lot to you to see what you can do in a half, then go for it.

lindsay said...

great progression run so soon after being sick! 12 miles is excellent! glad you are feeling better. maybe you can channel all your hard work and disappointment into a huge pr at boston?

Chic Runner said...

Wow! That is a great run1 :) You are doing great and those are some quick paces. :) Great job!