Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's My Decision

I've learned a lot about myself since I started working with Coach seven months ago. I've learned that I am capable of a lot more than I thought I was. I've seen paces that I never thought I'd see. I've remembered why I like running. I've found I've still got a hugely competitive monster inside this 5'1" frame. And mostly, I have learned that I need to do all of this for myself.

Last week when I couldn't run the half marathon I was really sad. Not because I couldn't be there with my friends, but because I had worked so hard and knew I was going to turn in an awesome performance and I was going to accomplished something for myself. I have been running with my friends and my dad for years and I always felt like I was running for everyone else. I did the races they were doing. I adopted the goals they wanted. Truth be told, I don't even want to do the New York City Marathon. I have a phobia of bridges--why in the world would I subject myself to running over those HUGE bridges. But, I know I'm fast enough to qualify for it and that's why I've set a goal to go for the qualifying times.

Then when I posed the question of another half marathon next weekend in North Carolina the overwhelming response I received is "why would I travel that far for just a half marathon?" But that wasn't the response I received from Dave or my coach or my heart.

So Thursday night Dave and I are driving to Virginia and on Friday we'll finish the drive to North Carolina. Saturday I am racing just a half marathon. Why? Because I wanted to be more than just a marathoner. Because I am more than just a marathoner. And because it's my decision.

Disclaimer--I love my friends and my dad and I love running with them. The decision to run the half marathon was already made before I posed the question on this blog. I had already sent in the registration by the time the post was published. I am not mad at my friends or the internet. :)


Stef said...

Good for you! Kick some a$$ down there can't wait to read about it!

lindsay said...

haha. glad you are following your heart. seems like a long drive to me, but i guess i can't talk as i drove 12 hours to south bend indiana to sleep in a hotel, run the marathon, and then drive back... so, i'm a hypocrite. forgive me :)

good luck. kick some butt and have fun!

Michelle said...

good luck!!!

Val said...

You go girl! Can't wait to hear about it. Be safe traveling =D

Andrea Hill said...

I'm glad you're doing it for yourself. You know I've questioned your goal for New York - because it was MY goal. I'm glad you're doing what you want to do, and I hope on the flip side you'll support friends when they have their own goals.