Monday, February 09, 2009


Even if I wanted to have a child one day, I'm probably completely infertile. :) I've had at least two dozen X-rays, MRIs, bone scans, and CT scans. Today was my latest CT scan. This one was for my sinuses.

When I was in college I started getting really terrible headaches. I first reported them to my doctor when I was a sophomore and immediately he sent me to the hospital for a CT scan of my brain. I guess because of the combination of medicines I was taking and symptoms I was displaying, the doctor thought it was a tumor. Yikes! Scary! Fortunately, they found nothing.

The headaches continued though and I was being seen by a neurologist/epilepsy specialist who did another series of tests including an EEG and an MRI. Still they found nothing in particular and they just kinda subsided.

After college I started getting really bad sinus infections. My family is quite familiar with the sinus infection as my dad gets sicker than a dog with them and my grandpa has had sinus surgery. I get them a good 4-6 times a year. They happen so often that all I have to do is call the doctor and he'll call in a prescription instead of me having to be seen. These aren't mambe-pambie sinus infections either. Last week I spent three days in bed, and didn't get to hold the baby until the day after she was born. I decided I had had enough.

I e-mailed the doctor (yeah, we're on a first name basis) and I told him it was time to do something more than throw antibiotics at it. Obviously, that was not working. So, we scheduled a CT scan to determine if there might be something we can "fix".

This is my third CT scan and quite possibly the weirdest one I've ever had. I had to lay on my stomach and put my chin on the head rest. I was not allowed to swallow. I had to take my hair out of it's pretty up-do. :( They had to strap my head down. Luckily, the test was also the quickest CT scan I've ever had.

Thursday I have a follow up with the doctor to determine the results of the test. On one hand, I want everything to be okay. But on the other hand I'd really like to know why I get sick ALL THE TIME. I'll update when I know more.


lindsay said...

yikes! i hope they are able to find something and start working towards a real solution instead of just continuing to cover it up. that is the one thing i hate about going to the doctor - when they can't seem to find a solution! i hope they are successful and find something (non-serious). glad you are ok for the most part!

Andrea Hill said...

A coworker here has been having problems with her sinuses. She went to an allergist and was going to go to a specialist, but the allergist actually told her that it was likely TMJ. May be worth looking into

Michelle said...

Hope you get some answers quickly and it's something relatively easily remedied! take care!