Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Yesterday I talked about my new shoes and how I was thinking of naming them.

My mom bought me my very first car. It was a 1987 Hyundai Excel that was red, except for the driver's side door which was orange. I named the car Lexington, because I knew I wanted to go to Kentucky. When I chose to go to Ohio State, my car didn't go with my and my sister inherited it. That's when the wheels fell off. Literally. I don't think Lexington was really happy I went to OSU>

What have you named your car, bike, shoes, etc.?


Lauren said...

Never named my car.

My bike is Johnny Cash
My Garmin 306 is Jimi
My Bike attachment for said Garmin is Janis.

Dave said...

My only named item is my bike, good ol' Charlie Brown.

jeff said...

i'm a namer. i give nicknames to objects AND people.

1987 vw fox - victoria
1993 ford ranger - christine
2003 nissan xterra - excine
2006 mini cooper - minnie driver

schwinn moab mt. bike - the bumblebee
felt 75 road bike - the wasp

sister - bananafishbonehead
sister - kurd
wife - supermodelsexymommahead
bil - airplaneflylowbuzzhead
bil - sliceemdiceemhead
niece - jumpingjehosephathead
niece - dominicinadresshead
nephew - nicknackpaddywhackhead
nephew - shoepolishhead
son - thunderclap newman

Val said...

Our Garmin is Missy the Map.
Our SUV is Pepe the Pilot.
Scott's car is Mushu, after Eddie Murphy's character in Mulan. He made us laugh.
Our house is The Best Nest after a children's book with the same name.
My ancient 10 speed from when I was a kid was Speedy. I get it from my parents- they always named their cars. =)
Our first house was Woodsy House and the on in Illinois was The Last Resort.

Michelle said...

Jeff--you are a wise man to give your wife such a nickname! ;-)