Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today my family welcomed baby #4, as my sister gave birth to yet another child. :)

Happy Birthday, Ashtyn Claire

I didn't get to hold the baby because I have sinus infection #459,876,849,291, but I'm looking forward to holding her when I get better.


lindsay said...

precious. congrats to the family and proud parents! hope you feel better soon! sinus infections are no fun, but it sounds like you know that well already :)

Michelle said...

so sweet! love that grumpy face in picture no. two. and hope you're better soon!

Anonymous said...

You've had the crub a million times too? I was seriously sick from Oct-New years! I am not one Ultimate Defense (nasty stuff but you can find it at a health food store). I swear by it, everytime I kinda feel like I am getting it again, I take it and I am better instantly. Feel better.

Val said...

Hahaha. Such a sour face in picture #2. S & J look HUGE! Holy cow have they gotten big. Congrats to all of you guys. Hope you feel better quick! xoxo