Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Go Speed Racer

After the marathon, Coach suggested I started wearing racing shoes. I kinda laughed it off. Seriously, I'm not fast enough to wear racing flats. But after a few visits and conversations with my favorite local running store, we found the perfect shoe.

Introducing the Brooks Racer ST 3.

These bad boys better get me a nice fat PR next week.

So, what should I name them?


unathleticrunner said...

Racing shoes...hmmm. I learn so much from your blog :) Name: Zoom Zoom! Good luck at your race :)

Flatman said...

Those are sexy. I think you should name them chocolate.

lindsay said...

nice shoes! i love "racing flats" but i certainly have no need for buying more pairs for now. :( they are always funner looking than regular shoes.

i named my first dog after the day of the week i got her on so... you probably don't want my help :)