Saturday, March 14, 2009

Love Story

Last week as I was sitting at dinner I got a text from my friend Mary. It said...Brad proposed! We're engaged!

I was ecstatic!

I ran into Mary on Monday at the high school (she's one of the track coaches and I was headed out for a run) and she told me that Brad was shipping out (he's in the Navy) and she wanted their engagement pictures soon. I didn't really know what soon was. Soon meant NOW as Brad is shipping out tomorrow and will be gone for a year.

As I met them today Mary showed me a picture of her grandparents that she wanted recreated.

I think it turned out beautifully and really hope they like all the pictures. What a wonderful tribute. Some samples will be posted on my other blog in the next week.


Andrea Hill said...

Wow, I'm excited for Mary! Tell her congrats!

Michelle said...

How sweet is that picture!

lindsay said...

maybe it's the comparison to the older picture but they look so long! very cute though :)

Val said...

I love it! How neat that she had one of the old ones to match. That's so special!