Monday, November 19, 2012

Hot Chocolate 5K 2012

So, usually, I don't do gimmicky races.  However, (a) my dad wanted to do this, (b) the swag was good, and (c) I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!

Pre-race swag.  All participants got a branded wind jacket.  

This race started early - 7:30am.  That's pretty early and cold for a November race.  However, the whole family had gone to bed early; earlier enough that my mom joined us as paparazzi.  (This was the first time using the iPhone camera.  Not quite in focus, but close enough.)  I'm now into my 20th week of pregnancy so the goal for today was to have fun.  Hence, the sock monkey hat.  Dave and Dad got to line up in the front in A corral.  I was in D corral, several minutes and several thousand people back. I was in the land of tutus, funny hats (myself included), and lots of little kids.  After a corral started, the next corral was held for two minutes and then started.  I was 6 minutes back of Dave and Dad plus whatever pace they were running before I even got to start.  I was seeded way too far back.  I fought to get around people the whole race.  But, I had a great race.  I ran every step including the uphills that I took super easy.  I waved; I smiled.  In the end I was just one second of my PR (pregnancy record) with a 32:35 (10:30 pace), which placed me 173 out of 580 in my age group.  Dave finished, I think, 9th in his age group and my dad won his age group.

Post race swag

All finishers got a giant mug that had chocolate fondue, a marshmallow, a couple of pretzels, mini chocolate candy bar, a rice crispy treat, banana, and a hot chocolate.  The hot chocolate, funny enough, was disgusting.  I took two sips and threw it away.  The rice crispy treat was absolutely divine dipped in the chocolate.  I had mine and Dad's.  They enjoyed the banana dunked in the chocolate.  Fun?  Yes.  Gimmicky?  Yes.  Do it again?  Probably.


Karen said...

Glad you had a good experience with that race. I know they had some issues last year with parking and other things and got a bad name. They do advertise some cool SWAG. They are coming to Atlanta in January so hopefully it will be just as great :)

..:danielle:.. said...

that jacket reminds me of the ones the couple wears in national lampoons christmas vaca when the ice goes through their bedroom window haha. and that post race swag looks awesome! :)

Colleen said...

Sounds like a fun race. Anytime they have rice crispy treats, I'm usually all about it. Dunked in chocolate - even better! :)

Bianca Pletsch said...

Hi, I am new to blogging wanted to say hi. Looks like it was a fun race! Nice to meet you!