Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I sit with someone at work who hasn't mastered the art of tact.  She says some things to me that just make me open my eyes and say what?  As my pregnancy has gone along she has mentioned how 'fat' I am getting.  While I know she is probably joking, that's just not something that you say to a pregnant person.  And this week during our quarterly meeting this week where they hand out promotions (most promotions at our company are done as surprises and then awarded in front of the entire company) she said that she would be angry if I got a promotion and she didn't because she had been there longer than me.  While neither of us got a promotion, and I wasn't expecting one, it took me aback that she would think promotions should be given by longevity at a company and not based on performance.

Anyway, what have you heard lately from others in a public setting directed at you that made you question what the heck they were talking about?  Have you ever said anything that was completely over the line that you wish you could take back?

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Melissa C said...

Wow!!! I can't believe that. At Ford, you could totally take her to HR for that and get her punished, not promoted!

Promotions should have nothing to do with time with a company. Ford would offer what they called an "in series raise" which meant you still had your current job, but due to time in that position, you got to get paid more for it. Those were based on merit too, though. You couldn't do a bad job for 2 years and then expect one, but if you were doing a good job in a position that you had for 18-24m, you could sit down with management and ask for one.