Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Thanksgiving Style

I think it's quite obvious what I (we) am (are) thankful for this year.  So instead of asking you what you are thankful for, I'm going to ask you about your Thanksgiving meal.

What time do you eat your meal?
We always eat around 5:00.  My uncle is diabetic and must eat at that time.  (I don't know anything about diabetes, but that kinda sounds crazy to me.)

What did you eat for Thanksgiving?  What's your favorite Thanksgiving food?
Turkey, obviously!  My favorite Thanksgiving food is deviled eggs, and I make the best.

What did you personally make towards the Thanksgiving meal?
Dave and I made the deviled eggs (duh), pumpkin pie with bourbon maple whipped cream, and asparagus.

1 comment:

Colleen said...

:) Coming from the wife of a diabetic, sounds like your uncle just likes eating at 5:00.

And that pumpkin pie sounds amazing.