Friday, November 23, 2012

Flying Feather 4 Miler 2012

Ah yes.  The annual Thanksgiving race.  I was looking back through my Running Resume and it looks like I have participated in a Thanksgiving race every year since 2004, and the only reason I missed that one was because I had a broken tibia.  This is also the 5th time I have done the Flying Feather race.  We like this race because of it's swag - nice long sleeved tech shirt, gloves, hat, and a bottle of wine at the finish.  This year three generations participated: Mom, Dad, Dave, me, and baby.

This would be the longest run I've done since finding out I was pregnant.  I planned on just taking it easy, walk when needed, and collect mine wine and save it until after the baby is born.  :)  I lined up around the 11:00 pace and slowly walked to the start minutes after the starting gun went off.  I fell into an easy pace quickly and stayed comfortable.  This race runs on the road, around a roundabout, and then into a park where you wind up on the running/bike trail.  Usually, because I'm running balls to the wall, I find the crowds of people will clear out by the time you get to the park.  But now that I'm a little pokier, it never clears out.  For the entire four miles I was elbow to elbow with people.  Not that it was an issue because I certainly wasn't racing, but just a totally different experience.  I kept things consistent from beginning to end and ran/jogged the entire four miles.  It's nice to know that even 21 weeks into this pregnancy that I may be slower but at least I'm not losing fitness.  Goal #1!!!

My overall time was 41:47 for a 10:27 pace.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.  Next year, we'll be pushing a stroller...

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Amy said...

Congrats! And you're looking fantastic, by the way! Got the glow and everything!