Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week in Review

Monday - 3 mile walk, treadmill.

Tuesday - 1200 yard swim - 4 X 300s.
Nothing ever changes when it comes to etiquette at the pool.  AKA, no one has any.  I got dressed, went out to the pool deck, and all the lanes were full.  So I waited.  As soon as the first person jumped out, I started to edge my way to that lane.  Just then an older woman came out of the locker room and walked straight to that lane without even taking a second glance.  I was totally ditched!  Being nice and not saying anything, I waited for another lane.  There was another older woman in a lane who was just kicking on the edge of the pool while talking to a friend.  I was pissed she was taking up a whole lane without even swimming.  I think she sensed my frustration and got out to go to the leisure side of the pool.  I started to edge my way to the lane, and then her friend to whom she was talking jumped in the lane.  WTF?  Does no one see me standing here?  Finally, a lane opened up (after waiting 15 minutes) and I got to get my swim done.

Wednesday - 3 miles, elliptical.
Dave and I went to the gym together tonight.  He ran on the treadmill.  I hit the elliptical.

Thursday - Off
This is the day that I was full of rage.  I just wanted to lay around, drink Kool Aid, and eat chocolate.

Friday - 3 mile run, outside.
How often do you get 50 degree days in November in Ohio?  I ran in shorts, a long-sleeved shirt, and gloves and had a great run.  It's so nice to still be able to do this.

Saturday - Off
I had intended to go to the Y for a swim, but open swim was only open 7:00-9:00 in the morning and Dave didn't get up until 9:00.  It's okay to have a rest day.

Sunday - Hot Chocolate 5K - 32:35.  Race report coming tomorrow!!

Run/Walk - 12.1 miles
Swim - 1200 yards

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M said...

Are you opposed to sharing a lane? I always just walk up, dangle my feet in a lane and tell the person I will be joining them. We decide if we will go in a circle or if one person gets one side. They don't really get an option - I'm swimmin when I am ready to swim.

And thanks so much for sharing your workout logs while preggo! It's good to know for hopefully future reference :-)