Saturday, November 03, 2012


You dream a lot when you're pregnant.  Most of my dreams have been pretty forgettable, although funny and unique.  I've had one nightmare.  I created one ice breaker game in my dreams.  I have not had any dreams about the baby.

Mostly though, I've been dreaming with my eyes open.  With this forced hiatus from running, all I can think about is the races I want to do and the goals I have yet to achieve. 

  • I want to and believe I can run a 5K under 21:00.  Heck, I think I should be able to do it sub-20:00.
  • I think I can run a half marathon close to a 1:30.
  • I know I can beat my dad's PR in the marathon: 3:21:21.
  • I've really been thinking of tackling a 50K.
  • I'd like to do more trail racing (something that's hard to find around here).
  • Someday, I'd like to finish the damn Ironman.
I want to believe that my running career will not be over when the baby comes.  I have a lot of good role models to prove that running and big goals will still be able to be achieved.  I can't wait to run fast again...


Melissa C said...

I think you can do your goals. Your running will only get better with motherhood. I know mine has. You will need a goal to focus and drive you to accomplish these tough yet achievable goals as a mother.

Murph said...

A few years ago, I ran the Las Vegas Ragnar with a mother of 5 little ones. When we were estimating our 5k paces to submit for our start time, she told us that she ran about a 12 minute mile. The thing that she didn’t take into account was that she was training while pushing a double seat stroller. On race day, after her first leg, we figured out that she was running about an 9.5 minute mile. She had built up so much strength by running with her babies that she was just pounding out the miles. It was awesome!