Thursday, February 28, 2013

13 in '13 February Progress Report

Check out the 13 in '13 list here.

Plans for February:
Honestly, I didn't have many plans for February.  As I've gotten further along in my pregnancy, it's been hard to set goals as you never know what will happen.  The goal, in terms of working out, is to keep doing it in some form as long as I can into this pregnancy.  We had also planned on trying not to eat out.  Maybe this goal was set too high.  :)  We did a pretty good job this month of grocery shopping and eating in, but fall off the wagon hard when we cannot get to the grocery store.

Achievements in February:
I read my third book in 2013 in February and I'm more than halfway through my fourth.  I read "C.C. Pyle's Amazing Foot Race" by Geoff Williams, which was about the first organized running race across the US.  If you think race organization sucks now, you should read this book.  You'll be thankful for your races now.

I ran/walked almost the exact same number of miles in February as I did in January.  In January I did 46 miles and in February I did 45.13 miles.  So I am 9.113% to my goal of 1000 miles in 2013.  I've got a long way to go!

Finally, I've kind of fallen off the blogging train.  I missed one day in January, which I totally can still do and know exactly what I want to blog about that day.  I've missed a few days here and there this month and don't know what to blog about to fill them in.  When you are super-pregnant, barely doing any running, and rarely leaving the house there's not much to blog about.

I have no idea what to expect for March.  I'm about 99% sure that this baby is coming in March which may shut down a whole lot - especially running, obviously.

Anything that I you'd like to see me blog about to try to keep the streak alive?  I have a few people who mentioned talking about my business.  I would love to, but we're currently tangled up in a legal dispute and I'd prefer not to say anything until it is all resolved.  Hopefully the weather will soon turn to spring and being outside will help bring about some new things to blog about.  And obviously, the little one's arrival will bring about, I'm sure, hilarity for these first time parents.  See you in March!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Not Your Momma's Lamaze Class

Confession: Dave and I have not read a single book about pregnancy or caring for a baby/infant.  We're just kinda winging it.  Nah, we just want to experience this pregnancy without getting information overload that may just be full of crap.  We have done a whole bunch of Googling and have tried to read articles instead of forums that will just scare us.  But, when it came time to learn about birth, we decided to take a class.  We had friends who had taken the class and didn't think it was all that effective but we decided to take the class anyway.  This class was four weeks of three hour classes.  Since I have been measuring big for quite a while, we signed up about 8 weeks in advance of our due date only to find out just a few days before that our class got cancelled.  When I called to reschedule, the next class they had available would have us finishing within about two weeks of our due date.  Yikes!  I asked if they could fit us into an already full class.  With a little finagling, they did.

This class covered everything: labor techniques, breathing, epidurals and other pain management, cesarean, breastfeeding, etc.  We had been warned by our friends that we would see three different births on video: one without an epidural, one with an epidural, and a cesarean.  The first class had the very first birth and it was eye opening.  Look, I've seen the shows on TV and expected to see a woman laying on her back, pushing out that baby, while screaming.  Instead, this chick was completely naked, on all fours, and literally that baby just dropped out of her.  I was NOT prepared for that.  Turns out, what you see on TV, while it may be realistic for those who have an epidural, is not exactly the smartest way to have a baby.  I guess gravity is your best form of pushing a baby out.  Science!  During the second class we learned different labor coping mechanisms, and the third class was a mock labor where we tried different positioning and techniques.

I will say this, before this class I was 100% sure I was going to get an epidural.  But after this class, I am keeping my options open.  I am going into this birth without a written plan.  My plan is basically to labor as long as possible without an epidural.  If I need one; I'll get one.  If I need a cesarean, then I'll get one without feeling like I have failed.  The goal is to have a healthy delivery for both myself and baby.

By the end of the third class, I was feeling pretty confident about labor and delivery.  Then came the last class which was all about actually bringing the baby home and what happens in the first few weeks.  Yikes!  This class scared the crap out of Dave and me!  You get so comfortable with being pregnant for so long and then you stop and think, Oh Geez!  You mean we have to bring home a baby at the end of this?!

So maybe we should have signed up for the Bringing Baby Home class and maybe we should have signed up for the Breastfeeding class, but I think we'll stick with the formula of just winging it.  We are glad, though, we took this class and found it to be very helpful.  Hopefully we'll be putting it to use really soon.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Are We Too Comfortable with Being Comfortable?

I created a little bit of a firestorm with a Facebook post yesterday, but since I have a little bit more room in my blog to explain everything, that's what I'm going to do.  Warning, this may be a little out of order but bear with me and maybe you'll see the point in all of it.

When I did my first triathlon, I chose a bigger one here in town that was supposed to be beginner friendly.  When I got there, I was surprised to see people in what seemed like sponsored kits (seriously, why do triathletes dress like NASCAR racers) and I even saw a dude warming up on his bike while it was on a trainer.  Shoot, I didn't even know what that was at the time!  Needless to say, I was completely intimidated and completely turned off by triathlon.  And even though I continued to do triathlon on and off for the next several years, I never wanted to consider myself one of "them."

Flash forward to yesterday.  Dave was running the Last Chance for Boston 10K.  This is a one mile loop course where you can run a 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon, full marathon or relays.  I resisted the urge to sign up for the 5K and just went and supported Dave.  I didn't even realize I was wearing it, but "Mr. Triathlete" came up to me and asked me about Ironman Louisville as I was wearing my sweatshirt.  Now, I wasn't wearing the shirt to show off as many people do at races; I was simply wearing it because I have very few things that still fit me and that includes most of my maternity clothes.  Anyway, I call him "Mr. Triathlete" because, well, there is a triathlete stereotype and he fit the mold.  Not only was he decked out in all his gear, he talked to me at length about this ironman he's done and that ironman that he DNFed and the ironmans he wants to do.  He talked about his biking (they always do) and how he rides with power and he's learned how to use his body weight to his advantage on hills.  Mind you, I did not solicit any of this information.  This dude talked a big game, so when I saw him out on the course I was not surprised whatsoever to see he, kinda, sucked.

Where am I going with this?  Keep holding on....

The firestorm I started yesterday on Facebook happened when I posted that 80% of the participants I saw in this race were wearing Garmins.  As I mentioned before, this course was a one mile loop.  I said, "It's time to put away the Garmins. Learn to run hard, learn to pace, learn to RACE!!! If you can't pace for a one mile loop, you probably shouldn't have a Garmin in the first place."  Well, as you can imagine, I obviously had some people who disagreed with me regarding this.  Their responses were regarding keeping track of the laps (my argument was how hard was it to hit the lap button of your watch and they are NEVER accurate to the race course mileage) and to be able to review their race data after the fact (again, you can review lap splits from a regular watch).  

My point in all of this is, we have forgotten how to race.  And I mean RACE!!!

Look, I own a Garmin.  Heck, this household owns two Garmins.  And we use them, a lot.  I think it's a great training tool, but that's where I draw the line.  Use the Garmin in practice to (a) keep track of your miles if that's important to you and (b) learn how to pace; learn to feel what a certain pace feels like.  But when you get to a race, RACE!  If you're doing a 5K or 10K, shouldn't you be going balls to the wall, anyway?  If you're going further shouldn't you be trained enough to know how to pace, to a certain extent?  For example, and this is the example Dave and I argued together yesterday, if you are well trained for a race and your goal pace is an 8:00/mile and your Garmin says you're running a 7:45, you're likely to slow down.  But if you're trained for this race, maybe a 7:45 is doable.  I mean, it's only a few seconds different.  If you can run an 8:00, you can run a 7:45.  Now Dave argued that if you're running a 6:45 and you're supposed to be running an 8:00 that you're going to fast.  True, but then you haven't figured out how to pace using the Garmin during training anyway.  

How does this relate back to the triathlete?  I mentioned that he talked about all the ironmans he has done.  When talking to a runner the question usually starts with, "well have you done a marathon?"  It seems our community (running/triathlon) is obsessed with going long.  And I'm every bit part of the problem having done several marathons and at least trying the ironman.  But by going long we're learning it's okay to be comfortable while swimming/biking/running.  We have lost the urge to race and compete and would rather just participate.  We've become obsessed with numbers and paces and watts and whatnot and have forgotten what it's like to just lace up our sneakers and head out the door for a run. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week in Review

Monday - 1200 yard swim
All I could handle today was a 1200 yard pull.  Dave swam circles around me today.

Tuesday - 3.25 mile run/walk, treadmill
3 miles as 2.5 minute walk, 2.5 minutes run
0.25 mile cool down walk

Wednesday - 3.25 mile run/walk treadmill
3 miles as 10 minute walk, 5 minute run
0.25 mile cool down walk

Thursday - Off

Friday - Off

Saturday - 3 mile walk outside
It looked a lot nicer and warmer than it was outside.  I was kind of cold throughout the walk.

Sunday - Off
I had wanted to run a 5K today while Dave was running the 10K, but decided not to as it wasn't worth the money.  The rest of the day was busy with birthing class and basketball game.  A little frustrated that I didn't make time for myself today.

Swim - 1200 yards
Run/Walk - 9.5 miles

Friday, February 22, 2013

34 Weeks

This week's doctor's appointment was a pretty good one.  My weight is still coming along and consistent - about +30 pounds.  With only a few weeks left, I think I will be staying in the appropriate weight gain zone of 25-35 pounds.  My blood pressure was normal and the baby's heart rate was good. The doctor came in and talked to me some more about the contractions I've been having.  Well, I've still been having a lot.  In fact, on Tuesday I was able to time them for an hour.  They were 4 minutes apart lasting one minute a piece.  Yes, that should have sent me to the hospital, however, I was at work and didn't get the opportunity to change positions or eat some food and see if they would calm down.  After I left work and ate lunch and took a nap, they went away.  Well, the doctor wanted to make sure I wasn't walking around 5cm dilated so she did another internal exam.  I kind of found it funny that the nurse had given me information regarding my internal exams that would begin happening with my next appointment at 36 weeks, when I've already had three internal exams.  The good news, I guess, is that the contractions are real and they are doing something, although not much.  I am not yet dilated anything, however my cervix has shortened, the baby's head is right there, and I'm about 60% effaced.  The doctor said it's likely I will not make it to my due date.  We kind of already figured that being that the baby is so big.  My next appointment is 36 weeks and then every week after that.

Personally, I've reached a point of "I'm tired of this."  The belly has gotten so big and uncomfortable.  It hurts to stand; it hurts to sit; it hurts to lay down.  The baby is big and every movement feels exaggerated and like it's going to come straight through my belly.  The baby likes to move its hands across my bladder.  I swear one of these days I'm just going to wet myself.  And I'm wondering when I will get the nesting urge because all I really want to do is sleep.

I'm getting really tired of this sedentary lifestyle.  I dream of running races and being in the warm sunshine.  I can't wait to get a break from work and spend some time just being.  I'm restless being in the house for this rough winter.  Basically, the next five-ish weeks can't move fast enough.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

I was warned in my pregnancy that random strangers would touch my belly.  That hasn't happened, at all.  Maybe I give off a "do not touch me vibe", but after what I have experienced, I think I'd rather have people touch my belly.  See,  as I've gotten bigger I've noticed people saying what I deem as inappropriate things to me.  For example, a random stranger said to me that I looked like I was ready to pop and that was with 9 weeks to go.  I have also been told I am really round.  And even my sister said to me, "woah you got really big."

First of all, I am 8-1/2 months pregnant.  I am supposed to be big.  But only my belly is big.  I have done the right things to minimize extra weight gain.  Compared to other people in my position, I'm downright skinny.  Secondly, um, how rude!  Ask me when I'm due, ask me how I'm feeling, ask me if I'm ready, but don't just to how big I am.

So, what's the rudest thing anyone has ever said to you?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm So Tired of Walking

I ran my first marathon, Chicago 2001, in a respectable 4:24.  I was happy I finished, but I knew in my heart that I could have run faster.  And so I trained for another marathon and cut off 27 minutes from my time.  Cool, but I can go faster.  So, I did yet another marathon, this time running a 3:39 and qualifying for Boston.  Truth be told, I love to run fast and to beat people.  But, really, I like to run fast so that exercise doesn't take so long. 

It's been really tough as my pregnancy has gone on to be okay with getting slower.  I mean, I get it.  I'm 30 pounds heavier, I'm off balance, I have zero lung capacity.  But, I want to keep working out and and a measly three mile walk takes me nearly an hour.  This week I'm frustrated by that and have decided to throw in as much running as I can stand.  I don't want it to take an hour to do three miles.  I want to do three miles as quickly as I can, which is about no faster than 45ish minutes. 

I wish I could run an entire workout, but that's just not going to happen at this point.  Today I did 3 miles as 2-1/2 minutes walk, 2-1/2 minutes run and that's about all I could handle. 

6 more weeks....

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday's Menu

Chicken and dumplings do over!!!

Instead of going out for Valentine's Day (too crowded, too lazy, too pregnant to fit in decent clothes), Dave had dinner planned when I got home from work.  He had found yet another recipe for chicken and dumplings claiming that they were just like the ones from Cracker Barrel.  We went "lazy man" on the rest of the meal.  We didn't necessarily make chicken and dumplings; he had bought a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and we were going to make just the dumplings.

Here's the recipe we used this time.

And voila...

These were incredibly yummy and tasted a lot like Cracker Barrel. We kept this recipe and will be using it again.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week in Review

Monday - 2.25 mile walk, treadmill

Tuesday - 1.25 mile walk, treadmill
Quarter miles at increased incline - 0%, 1%, 2%, 3%
Last quarter mile cooldown

Wednesday - Off

Thursday - 3.25 mile run/walk, treadmill
3 miles as 1 min walk, 1 min run, 2 min walk, 2 min run, 3 min walk, 3 min run and then back down the ladder.  Last 0.25 cooldown.

Friday - Off

Saturday - 3.8 mile walk, Sharon Woods Metropark

Sunday - 2.33 mile run/walk, treadmill
2 miles as 3 minute walk, 2 minute run
0.33 mile cooldown
I accidentally stopped the treadmill completely when I took a bathroom break and had to restart it and recalculate what I was doing.  Pregnancy brain!

Totals - 12.88 miles

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Sight to be Seen

Our running group has been exploring new places to run this winter.  We've done this mostly because people outside the normal group have requested it, yet no one new has shown up to the group.  Today the group run was at Sharon Woods Metropark which has a 3.8 mile paved loop trail.  It was cold again this morning (winter may go on forever!!!) and I was not looking forward to walking this distance by myself.  Fortunately, (or unfortunately for her) Bridget broke her ankle a few weeks ago and came out to the group workout to walk.  We were a sight to be seen.  Me and my big belly wearing running attire.  She was wearing her boot, a winter coat, and a backpack she weighted down to get in an extra workout.  I did enjoy the company, though, and the walk went pretty quickly.  Two of the others finished their loop and came back to join us, which turned out very fortunate as Bridget slipped on a patch of ice and almost fell grabbing onto Rich and me.  Good gosh, we're a bunch of misfits.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Third Trimester's a B!tch

*Warning: This could be a gross post.*

An acquaintenance of mine, who gave birth a few months ago, put a status on her Facebook status that said, "No one warned me about third trimester nausea."  I kept that statement stashed away in the back of my brain in case I needed it.  Sure enough, third trimester came and I have been sick. 

This has been different than first trimester nausea.  First trimester nausea was down in my belly.  Smells and foods would make me queasy.  Third trimester nausea has all been about heartburn/reflux.  The baby has gotten big and is pushing everything that's inside my belly out of the way.  I haven't felt hungry in weeks yet I've got to keep eating.  But when I eat, it seems like some of it gets to my stomach, and the other just collects in my throat.  Then when I lay down to sleep my throat turns to fire and then once I am asleep I will involuntarily vomit in my mouth several times throughout the night.  I know, YUCK!!  Last night was the height of it and I just couldn't sleep at all.  I was awake until 4:00am when I gave up and just tried to sleep.

By my admission, I should be eating smaller more frequent meals, I shouldn't be eating late at night, and I should probably avoid spicy foods and chocolates.  I'm not doing any of that, although, I am trying.

I have talked to my doctor multiple times about this and she just keeps telling me to eat Tums.  Listen, I have been eating Tums like they're candy.  I've gone through, like, 80 in the last couple of weeks.  This is why the baby is getting so big - all that calcium.

Dave and I, being the nerds we are, have scoured the internet for solutions.  Most of them, I've already tried or already knew about.  But then I found one today that I should have tried. 


The last couple of years when I was trying to do the damn ironman and struggled with my nerves, a friend of mine suggested using ginger to settle my stomach.  Of course, you and I both know that there were bigger things going on besides just a nervous subject.  Anyway, when I found out I was pregnant, the day before I left for London, the nurse suggested to me that if I was struggling with morning sickness to try ginger pills.  Because we were going to be out of the country, I bought the ginger and packed it with me, yet I never had used it.   So, when I was googling about reflux and pregnancy, one of the suggestions was ginger pills.  Well, shoot!  I have those.  I found them and tried them out and....

It was a miracle!  It didn't necessarily kill the reflux as my throat was still on fire, but I was able to nap and sleep multiple hours at a time without being awakened by vomit.  Although it hasn't been a complete solution (and I don't think that complete solution will be coming for the next 6+ weeks), it has certainly been a big help.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday Thoughts - Valentine's Edition

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Dave and I had a "serious" conversation last week that went basically like this...

"Did you get me anything for Valentine's Day?"

"No, did you?"


So we decided since we just celebrated a big anniversary and because we've spent a gazillion dollars on baby stuff and will probably be spending a gazillion more, to just have a low key, low cost Valentine's Day.  Of course, we were thinking along the same lines as I got Dave (and me) some cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and he got me (and himself) some cupcakes.  Oh yeah, we dined well today.

What are you doing/did you do for Valentine's Day?

What is the best Valentine's Day you've ever had?

What is the worst Valentine's Day you've ever had?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pregnancy Algebra

I graduated from engineering school, so I obviously studied a lot of math.  But pregnancy math is a whole different story.
  • You are pregnant for 40 weeks, which is not nine months but 10.  (I mean, I guess it's a FULL nine months).
  • You are two weeks pregnant the day you conceive.  Or in my case, I guess I was three weeks pregnant since my cycles are 35 days, not 28.
  • I am 33 weeks pregnant.
    • But my baby is due the day after Easter.
    • Lent starts this week which means there are six weeks until Easter.
    • How do I still have seven weeks left?
  • I am measuring one week ahead of schedule
Solve for X (as in, when the heck am I going to have this baby?).

Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday's Menu

This is not a new recipe for us, but the easiest recipe in the world I'd like to share with my readers.  This recipe was introduced to us from my mom while we were on vacation with the family last spring.  I like to call it "Homemade Chipotle Bowl".

Place thawed chicken breasts in the crock pot/slow cooker.  We use the number of chicken breasts we're going to eat.  Two people = two chicken breasts.  Then cover the chicken breasts with salsa.  We then cook ours for four hours.

When the chicken is done we layer it up like a chipotle bowl.   We make rice, put the salsa chicken on top of it, then maybe some guacamole, cheese, sour cream, beans, etc.  And the finished product:

(Grrrr, not happy that somehow Blogger has changed their picture uploader and now I can't change the size of my pictures.)

World's easiest dinner and not all that bad for you.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week in Review

Boy, I did a lot of running/walking this week.  Unfortunately, I did not get to the pool or do anything else besides running or walking.

Monday - 3 miles run/walk treadmill
First two miles as 3 minutes walk, 2 minutes run.  One mile cool down walk with descending paces per quarter mile.

Tuesday - 2 mile walk treadmill
Dave and I went to the YMCA together so he could run and I could walk at the same time.  I just walked on the treadmill while Dave did whatever workout he was doing.

Wednesday - 2 mile walk treadmill
Just a short walk on the treadmill at home.

Thursday - Off

Friday - Off

Saturday - 5 mile run/walk treadmill
Dave wanted to do a long bike ride on the trainer so I decided to wrap my head around a longer workout.  Dave and I had gone and gotten cupcakes this weekend, so I needed to burn a few calories anyway.  First three miles were 3 minutes walk, 2 minutes run.  Then I walked one mile briskly, and the last mile was as descending pace walk.  This 5 miles took me almost 83 minutes.  Last year I was doing 5 milers in half this time.  I look forward to being fast again.

Sunday - 2.25 mile walk treadmill
Why not do a little more walking this week?  Two miles briskly then a 0.25 mile cool down.

Total - 14.25 miles run/walk

Saturday, February 09, 2013

In My Opinion

I have been known to stick my foot in my mouth.  I used to have no filter, but as I've grown up I've been able to pull back on what I should say versus not saying anything at all.  With social media I have been able to keep my mouth shut even more as I can roll my eyes with no one seeing it and then just move on without saying anything.  However, because social media is all done by the written word, not always is what you say interpreted the way you actually said it.  This got me in trouble yesterday.  A friend had posed a question on her Facebook profile.  Now, if you're doing that, you are inviting opinion - opinion that you may not want.  The question was regarding running and pregnancy.  I chimed in and even quantified my statement by saying, "for me..." as in, "this is my opinion".  I don't think what I said came across as my opinion because the recipient became a little defensive in her response.  In the end, I just deleted my comment as I didn't want to start anything.  That was never my intent.  So, I thought I would take it to my blog and give my opinion regarding MY running and MY pregnancy.

There are a lot of reasons why I waited until I was 34/35 to have my first (and only) child.  One, I just wasn't ready.  I never was the girl growing up who said, "When I grow up I want to be a mom."  I wanted to be a career woman.  To this day, I'm struggling with being someone's mom.  It's just not my nature.  Two, I had things I wanted to do.  I wanted a career and I worked a "career" job for 7 years only to find out I absolutely HATED being a career woman.  Now I enjoy just having a simple job.  I wanted to travel.  I wanted to do races like marathons and ironman.  If you didn't notice the urgency in NEEDING to finish my last ironman, you likely weren't paying that much attention.  Three, and mostly, I just wanted to really live while I was young.  Once I did not finish my last ironman attempt, I knew it was time to move on.  I was not getting any younger and I knew it could take a long time to get pregnant as this wasn't our first time trying. 

I wasn't wrong about this either as my internal plumbing wasn't working the same way this time when I went off the pill.  Things were irregular and a bit frustrating.  I was taking my basal temperature, using ovulation predictor kits, etc. and we still were not getting pregnant.  Dave and I agreed long ago that we did not want to use any intervention methods to try to get pregnant, so we decided to just go on with our lives and just not focus on it.  Hence, that's why I signed up for a marathon last September and why we agreed to move to the Bay area.  And of course, that's exactly when we got pregnant.

Where the hell am I going with this?

Oh yes, running and pregnancy.  When I found out I was pregnant I was almost done with my marathon training.  I had made it through three or four 20 milers with only one to go.  I had run a 20 miler two days prior and raced a 10K the day before I found out I was pregnant.  Yet, as soon as I found out I was pregnant I completely shut down the running.  Firstly, I was pretty nauseous in my first trimester and all I could manage was walking.  But mostly, there wasn't any reason for me to continue running as far or as fast as I was.  I wasn't training for anything.  I knew I couldn't race at the same level until after the baby was born.  So, I decided to just run a few miles here or there just to keep in shape and keep the extra weight off.  Although I didn't wear a watch (and still haven't since getting pregnant), I knew I was running somewhere in the 10-11 min/mile range.  Sure I did races, but I did them just to finish and just jogged my way and enjoyed the people and scenery.  Even now at 32+ weeks, I running very minimally.  Mostly because the weight of the belly has made it hard to breathe and the fact that ligaments have stretched making it difficult to maintain the same gait.  I mix all my running with more time spent walking and what running I'm doing is at a 15 min/mile or slower.  Honestly, I can't do any faster nor do I want to.

See for me, it's just not worth the risk.  I'm an older first time mother.  I've waited a long time to have a baby.  We tried really hard to get pregnant.  You never know what could happen while you're exercising.  You could become too dehydrated or get overheated or whatever and all of this can happen in an instant and in an instant that child could be gone.  Yes, I know that my baby is well protected inside and most likely safe, but I've done the running and racing thing.  I've waited patiently for 8 months to unleash the beast inside.  And I will continue to patiently wait at least 15ish more weeks until I can really run again. 

I know there are people out there who disagree with me.  I've read the blogs of people who were running 30-40 miles a week during their entire pregnancy.  Good for them.  But, I don't want to.  I don't need to.  Running will come back, but I may only get one shot at a child. 

Friday, February 08, 2013

Foto Friday

This week I was wanting sweets, specifically cupcakes. I knew there were some cupcake shops in town, but they were all downtown. Call me old, but I don't like to go downtown if I don't have to. So I started Googling and I found a cupcake shop about 15 minutes away from home. After lots of texts and scrutinizing the menu, I finally got Dave to take me there today. And this is the yumminess that I found.

It was so good. I want 100 more please!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

32 Weeks

I don't think this a very flattering picture of me.  That shirt makes me look big!

Eight weeks to go and another doctor's appointment.  It never fails.  The day I take a book to the office, I get called back right away.  The days I don't take a book, I have to wait forever.  Today, I did not take a book.  I waited 45 minutes in the waiting room, terribly uncomfortably, and then had to wait quite a while back in the room itself.  The appointment, though, was good.  I weighed in first and I'm up approximately 28 pounds.  The doctor's office scale is always a little higher than the one at the YMCA, so right now I'm somewhere between 25-28 pounds.  At 8 months pregnant, I'll take it.  When the appointment finally started the doctor was impressed with my weight gain.  She said to me that I was the first person all day she had seen who hadn't put on an excessive amount of weight.  I told her I was still working out and she again reassured me that it would really help my labor to continue to do so as long as I could.  We went through my appointment I had had at the high risk doctor and she seemed pleased with everything.  She didn't seem to worry about the size of the baby and agreed with the doctor that it would be a good idea for me to go on the Prozac before delivery.  I thought for sure she'd turn that down, so I'm glad she's on the same page. 

I've been having contractions on and off for a couple of weeks.  They don't hurt necessarily but they do occur more than four an hour.  In fact, sometimes they're every 3-5 minutes but only lasting 30 seconds or less.  As I said, they're not painful but I can definitely feel my stomach tightening and sometimes can feel pressure "down there."  I mentioned to my doctor yesterday and she did not seem too concerned.  She confirmed what the nurse and doctor told me at the hospital that I was most likely feeling them because I was so thin.  She said most women don't feel them because they have to come through a layer of fat.  She wanted to make sure the contractions weren't actually doing anything, though, so I got the joy of yet another pelvic exam.  Sure enough, the cervix is closed.  While that's great now, I'm sure hoping that changes in the next couple of weeks.  I know about the catheter balloon and that doesn't really sound like a fun option.  :)

So, eight weeks to go and things seem to be going well.  While we are mostly prepared in terms of actually bringing the baby home, we're starting to freak out a little that we're going TO BE PARENTS IN 8 WEEKS!!! 

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Thursday Thoughts (on a Wednesday)

Dave and I started our birthing classes last week.  These aren't your mother's lamaze classes.  Sure there are breathing techniques taught, but really this class is a comprehensive class teaching about labor and delivery and all the options that are available.  I've got to be honest, I don't have a birth plan.  I guess my birth plan is to go with the flow.  Almost all of my friends who have kids had them cesarean, so I don't have my hopes set very high.  I'd like to think I have a high pain tolerance and could do this naturally, but I also know my anxiety may get the best of me and I will need the epidural to CTFD (calm the **** down). 

Anyway, in our class we are learning about relaxation techniques.  Last week we learned hand massage.  For me, this was the WORST relaxation technique you can teach.  I absolutely despise being touched and especially do not like massage.  So, since that class I've been thinking about what I would do for my relaxation techniques.  Funny enough, I think I'm going to focus like I do for running.  For example, if I will use visualization I am going to picture miles 23 through the end of the Boston Marathon.  Also like running, I use counting to get in rhythm and to relax.  I can certainly see myself counting through contractions to focus.  And finally, I will probably take my iPod and use one of my favorite albums that helps me calm down (Kenny Chesney - Be As You Are).

So, what do you do to help you relax?  Ladies with children, what did you do for pain management in labor? 

Monday, February 04, 2013

Monday's Menu

Dave tried out a new recipe last week. While we planned on eating this meal earlier in the week, I dragged my feet until later in the week.  I really didn't want to try this meal.  Why?  Because this meal was vegetables and vegetables only.  Are you kidding me? 

Here's the recipe for this vegetable stew.

We started out at the grocery.  Gah, I hate to grocery shop, especially in the produce aisle.  Not only do I not know what half of that stuff is, I have no idea how to pick any of the items.  Seriously, when Dave sends me to the grocery store to pick out avocados for guacamole, I just stare and hopefully one will just jump into my cart.  After the produce aisle, Dave needed to pick up some spices.  Oh my stars!  We have oodles of spices at home.  How can we not already have what he was looking for?!  Somehow we made it home without any cupcakes or oatmeal creme pies in the cart (I'm pregnant, give me a break!) and began work on the recipe.

I may not like fruits and vegetables, but they're always so pretty.

While Dave was making this meal, I was asking about the spices.  I've had terrible reflux with this pregnancy and I did not want to spend the evening sick because of something I could control.  Dave said he would limit the spices he would put on my dish.

The finished product.

My conclusion....this meal didn't have a lot of flavor.  To me it was just mushy vegetables, especially the squash.  Dave took a bite of mine and said his was completely different because of the spices.  Dave kept the leftovers for lunches and poured even more spices on it when he reheated it.  Myself, I didn't eat any leftovers and I don't think I'll be requesting this for dinner again.  Well, at least I didn't get reflux that night.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Week in Review

Monday - 3 mile walk/run
First two miles were 3 minutes walk, 2 minutes run.
Last mile descending speed per quarter mile walk.

Tuesday - 2 mile neighborhood walk
We had great weather today so Dave and I took the dog for a walk around the neighborhood.  It wasn't a fast walk.  It wasn't continuous because of the dog.  But 2 miles is 2 miles, right?

Wednesday - 2 mile walk treadmill
Although it was warm today, it was raining so I just hit the treadmill for an easy walk.  I had wanted to do three miles, but two miles is all I could manage.

Thursday - Off

Friday - Off

Saturday - 2500 yard swim
You can read about that swim here.

Sunday - Off
I had fully intended on doing a walk today, on the treadmill, in the morning while Dave was at his race.  But I enjoyed laying around in my pajamas, blogging, watching the news, taking a long hot shower.  Pretty much doing anything except working out.  Before we knew it, it was time to go to our birthing class and then we met my parents for dinner afterwards.  I hope to do more walking/working out next week.

Swimming - 2500 yards
Run/Walk - 7 miles

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Swimming in Tribute

Dave is participating in an indoor triathlon tomorrow so he wanted to hit the pool this morning for a few warmup laps.  That was fine by me as it was about 10 degrees outside and that didn't sound all that great to me for joining the group run.  Dave's plan was to swim about 1600 yards, so I said I would pull continuously until he was done.  I started out and things felt great.  Swimming is so much easier on the body than running/walking or anything else this late in my pregnancy.  I wish I could find a way to do it everyday.  Because I was swimming continuously and Dave was doing intervals of this and that, when he stopped at the wall after his warmup, I was already 100 yards ahead of him.  So then I thought, well, if he wants to swim 1600 I'll swim 1800 and get in a mile.  About 48 laps into that (72 laps is a mile), I was still feeling really good so I thought why not make this a tribute swim.  My friends Anne and Star are running the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler today, so why not swim a length of the pool for each mile they would run.  This would be 2500 yards which is the furthest I have swum since any ironman a year and a half ago.  When Dave finished his swim, I told him I was going to keep going and that I probably had 20ish minutes left.  He was okay with that, so I went.  And it was easy.  And it was fun.  And I finished that 100 laps and felt empowered.

Friday, February 01, 2013

13 in '13 January Progress Report

If you remember, I set out 13 goals to achieve for myself in 2013.  The detailed list of the goals can be found here.  You can also check out the list and what has been achieved by clicking the "13 in '13" tab at the top of the blog.

Plans for January...

I had planned in January to eat in every meal, every day, for the whole month.  I was, surprisingly, good for about two weeks and then things fell apart.  First of all, Dave and I have lunch with some of our college buddies every Friday.  We haven't decided how to factor this into "does this or doesn't this count" as actually being part of this challenge.  Dave says no because it would be rude to not have lunch with our friends and as long as we're paying with cash, we're not racking up dollars on the credit card bill.  I think, yes, it totally counts and would prefer to eat in EVERY meal.  I mean, that's the challenge, right?  In addition, Dave's had a rough work schedule.  There was actually a week in January where he worked 60 hours in 4 days, including one day that was 20 hours.  So, that week turned into a lot of order in, carry out.  By the end of the month, we had totally failed, run out of cash, and were using our credit card.  Better luck next time, I guess.

I had thought I might be able to get in a race or two in January.  There was a 5K earlier in the month that I really had my heart set on.  I didn't sign up in advance, but was prepared to run it.  The day before, however, the person who bought our treadmill finally coordinated a time with me for pickup and it would be during the race.  I had been trying for weeks for her to come pick it up, so I decided to skip the race and have it her pick up the treadmill instead.  Too bad.  The weather was perfect for this race.  Last weekend was race #2 of this series.  Same course, totally different weather.  Last week you remember I mentioned it had snowed and we had cold temperatures (sounds like most of this winter).  I didn't even bat an eye at missing this race.  My friends had promised me cookies and gosh darn it, I wanted the cookies.

Achievements in January...
I did read two books in January.  Well, a book and a half.  I read "The Art of Racing in the Rain" by Garth Stein.  There seemed to be a lot of fanfare behind this book.  I thought it was a pretty easy read, but it wasn't anything to race about.  I don't know.  I just haven't found a whole lot of fiction that I have liked lately.  Then I finally finished up "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chobsky.  I had started this book last summer, but couldn't finish it up in enough time before my loan ran out at the library.  I thought I was 2/3 of the way through it when I returned it last summer.  Guess I was only halfway through it when I picked it back up in January.  I got into it for a while, but was thoroughly disappointed when I got through the epilogue.  Seriously, I didn't get it.  And now I definitely won't be seeing the movie.  I am now halfway through the third book of the year and have two more in the pipeline.  Twelve books is starting to look promising for 2013.

Although we were unsuccessful at eating in everyday this month, we were able to try a new recipe and I did a little more cooking than normal.  We have since tried a totally new recipe, something neither of us had had before, and I will be blogging about it on Monday.  

Finally, although it's not much, I have contributed 46 miles towards my goal of 1000 for the year.  That's a whopping 4.6%!

What did you get done in January?  Anything you want to brag about?