Thursday, January 24, 2013

30 Weeks - 75% done!!!

I had my gazillionth doctor's appointment today.  I really think these appointments are a waste of time.  They're always the same and the same questions are asked every time.  This week I didn't bring in my pee beforehand because I didn't have a specimen cup.  Did it matter?  Nope, just did it at the office.  So, why do I need to bring it in every time.  Then they weigh me.  Now, I don't understand how my YMCA and the doctor's office has such a big discrepancy.  They're the same scales!  Yet, I was 4-5 pounds heavier today than I was on Monday.  Really?  Whatever.  The doctor comes in and asks the same questions.  How are you feeling?  Any signs of labor?  When I told her about the trip to the hospital, she actually asked me why I thought I was having contractions.  What?  I've never been pregnant.  You're the doctor; you tell me!  Every week she asked me if I'm having heartburn and every week I tell her it's reflux.  Gah!  And this time when I was talking to her about my rib pain she gave me zero hope that I was going to feel any better from here until the end.  Her excuse, well, because I'm super short-waisted (and I am) that the only way I can expand is into my ribs and that's why they hurt all the way around the back.  Awesome.

This pregnancy stuff is getting old.  I'm ready to be done.  10ish weeks and counting...

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Treadmill Review Guru said...

I'm 35 weeks along right now, and I have some of those SAME problems right now. You still look tiny though, my belly is huge! I feel like all of the appointments are such a waste of time. First I am weighed, then I pee in a cup, then I have my blood pressure taken, then the doc comes in and listens to the heartbeat, says we're good, and that's it! Nothing else! He never gives me any info or anything, just says that things sound good. So hopefully I'm on the right track. Best of luck for you these next ten weeks!
-Emma from TRGuru