Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

People, we need help.  We are just a few short weeks from Baby Gordon being born and we still don't have a name.  I'm starting to feel fairly certain that this kiddo is coming home from the hospital still being called "Baby".  We have gone through lists and lists of hundreds of names and are still greatly struggling.  I have narrowed my names down to three.  I'm not sure Dave is on board with any of them.  So at this point, I'm open to taking suggestions.

Here's the rules...
  • We're still not telling if it's a boy or a girl so we will take suggestions for both genders.
  • If it's a girl, the middle name will be Lucille.  If it's a boy, the middle name will be Reed.
  • Our last name is Gordon (if you didn't know that...obviously, it's got to sound good with the last name).
  • If it's a girl, we want the name to be eclectic, free-spirited, artistic, but nothing too out of the ordinary either.  If it's a boy, we want the name to be more formal, CEO-like, but not really necessarily traditional either. 
  • We will not be shortening any names into nicknames.  So if it's an Anthony, the name is Anthony not Tony; if it's a Lauren we will not be calling her Lori.  
Got it?  Now leave us a message with some name suggestions.  Please!!!


TriMOEngr said...

I really dislike names that are too creative. I want to have heard of it before. I love that when I named my son kind of an "old" name, I'd have little old ladies tell me that it was their dad's name or their uncle's name or their brother's name. I also loved that it was the right mix of something that would fit a baby boy and a grown man. Same with girls names (and how I named my daughter). Take a look at the name lists from the early 1900s - there are a lot of good solid names there and maybe you'll find one where there won't be five children with the same name in your kid's KG class.

Jamie said...

Formal? CEO-like?

Hmm... I can't help but think that "Jameson" would be a pretty awesome name.

Everyone I know named Jameson is pretty awesome. Just saying.

Jessica said...

Long-time lurker here, but I love picking baby names!

What about Marcus Reed Gordon or Ansley Lucille Gordon?

Good luck!

Betsy said...

I knew someone named Tracy Tracy once. Gordon for a boy? JK.

Girl...Avery or Paige
Boy....Logan (or maybe not with Gordon) Myles. Samuel.

Jackie said...

Andrew for a boy.
I have no idea for a girl. Wait How about Gillian, (pronounced Jillian).
Naming our son took lots longer than I thought.
My husband and I each wrote down a list of our favorite names , then narrowed the potential names to the ones we had in common. It was tough!!! That was just for the first name. For the middle name we went with Cooper because we love the Mini Cooper cars!

Spie said...

I will throw my two unused names into the ring..If you can figure out, I may or may not be embarrassed.

Tegan Lucille Gordon (girl)
Adric Reed Gordon (boy)

I wanted my youngest, Robert, to be named Adric but it wouldn't work as I already have a Rick ;).

Good Luck!

Angi said...

Audrey for a girl!

mtanner said...

Ava Lucille Gordon

Carter Reed Gordon

tri like mary said...

Macy Lucille
Russell Reed

Good luck! Names are hard!

Meredith said...

Carter Reed is my nephew's name. That one is out. :)