Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Hello Lover!

I popped my new treadmill's cherry with a three mile run!

Yes, we FINALLY got the treadmill delivered and installed.  It went a lot smoother the second time around.  The delivery people came at 8:00 and thank goodness, it was a different set of guys.  Dave already had a plan formulated in his head about how he wanted them to try it and was prepared as soon as they rang the doorbell.  The guys came in, looked at the staircase and said, "Oh yeah, we can do this."  Dave explained to them the last guys said they couldn't because of the pallet, height of the treadmill, etc.  These delivery guys were a little taken back that they were not the first ones to do this delivery and then said, "You've got the right guys."

Lo and behold, they took it down the stairs exactly how Dave told the other guys to take it down the stairs.  They had it in the house and set up in 20 minutes.  The guys on Monday spent 20 minutes bitching about it.  Dave tipped them well and we will be following up with customer service to let them know they did a good job.

Now on to the treadmill.  It's freakin' amazing!  It's got all the bells and whistles (except for a water bottle holder - SEND IT BACK!!!).  I love that I finally have a treadmill that inclines.  And I love having one touch buttons to do the speed and incline.  Dave utilized the awesome display and did a run up Haleakala (and huffed and puffed his way through it).  I can't wait to set up my iFit account and see what awesome runs I can create (like running the Boston course again and again and again).  The best part about the treadmill, seriously, is how quiet it is.  I didn't have to have the TV at max volume to hear it.  This all means that I will be able to wake up early and hit the treadmill at an ungodly hour to do a run while Dave is still in bed and not wake him.

Do you run on a treadmill regularly?  Do you have a favorite treadmill workout?  Do you find treadmill running beneficial or not to add to your regular set of workouts?

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Melissa C said...

Nice treadmill! Up until this fall, I have typically done as much as 50% of my running on a treadmill, so that I didn't have to push the kids in the stroller everytime, and my kids can go to the gym daycare instead. I do my intervals on a treadmill, so I can be mindless with my paces. Just set it and don't fall off. I don't own my own, because I use the gym daycare to watch the kids. this past summer was the first year I thought it was feasible for me to workout in the house with my kids in it. Some people can trust their kids or have better set ups for watching them or working during naps. It just never really worked out for me until recently.