Saturday, January 12, 2013

Week in Review

I know I'm not going to have time to do any workout on Sunday, so I can go ahead and post this on Saturday.

Monday - Off
I was planning a treadmill run today with my new treadmill, but we all know what happened there.

Tuesday - 2.55 mile treadmill run/walk
Dave and I went to the Y tonight and somehow got lucky in the Resolution crowd and found treadmills beside each other.  I had no idea how far or long Dave was planning to run.  He was using his new Zombie Run app and just kept playing games, so I just kept going too.  I did 2-1/2 minutes of walking, 2-1/2 minutes of running and got in a total of 2.55 miles in the time he did 5 miles.  I can't wait to be fast again.

Wednesday - 3 mile treadmill run/walk
Finally, the new treadmill!  I was feeling pretty tired today.  Maybe it was the workout from yesterday or the ultra-long nap I took or the appointments I had this afternoon, but this workout was taxing.  My first mile I did as 2-1/2 minutes walk, 2-1/2 minutes run.  The second mile was 5 minutes walk, 2-1/2 minutes run.  And the last mile I just walked.  Any workout is a good workout, right?

Thursday - 2 mile treadmill walk
1/4 mile 0% incline, 1/4 1% incline, repeat.  This seemed hard.  It seemed like the treadmill was heading uphill even when it was at 0%.  It was only after Dave ran on it later that we found that you could calibrate the incline.  Whoops!  Hopefully, it will not be so uphill next time.

Friday - 1800 yard swim
6 X 300 as 2 X 300 swim, 2 X 300 swim with fins, 2 X 300 pull.  I got to the gym this morning (I had the day off from work) and the pool was full and it looked like there was a swim team there.  I was confused because the swim teams practice in the afternoon and evenings.  I asked the front desk and they said it was the Navy Seals.  What the Navy Seals were doing in Columbus, Ohio, I'll never know but I guess they swim there Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning.  There was one other lane open so I thought I'd wait on that one.  But when I got to the pool deck, the Navy swim coach let me swim with one of his guys.  Thanks for being so nice, guys!

Saturday - 3 mile walk, Highbanks Metro Park
I'm definitely slowing down as the group did the full 6 mile loop and I did the top 3 and the fast dudes beat me this week.  Although the temperatures have been warm all week, the trails were really icy and muddy.  I spent most of the time walking along the edge of the trail to avoid the ice and was super, super careful going down the hills and across the bridges.

Sunday - Off
Too much going on this weekend.

Swim - 1800 yards
Run/Walk - 10.55 miles

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