Saturday, January 05, 2013

I'm Back, Y'all

Dave has made a goal for 2013 to work out 6 days a week (during January) and to include at least two workouts of each discipline (swim, bike, run) for the week.  Wednesday he wanted to do a bike workout so I joined him in the basement on the treadmill.  The plan was to walk for whatever amount of time he was on his bike.  Recently my workouts have all been crap.  Even walking has felt labored and difficult.  But as soon as I started on Wednesday it was completely different.  I had energy and the walk felt okay.  So I decided to press my luck and try a little jogging too.  I did 5 minutes of walking and then 2-1/2 minutes of jogging.  And it felt okay.  So I kept up that sequence the whole workout.  When I hit three miles, my usual distance to stop, I still felt good and Dave wasn't done with his workout, so I kept going.  In the end I did 3-1/2 miles of run/walk.  I was really proud of myself for that effort (and Dave kept saying it too). 

Then today we met the group for our usual Saturday workout.  Dang it was cold this morning...20 degrees.  I layered up like I was going sledding because I knew it would just be a walk.  (Side note, I think Dave was wearing more layers than I was and he was running.)  The trail had been plowed, however, there was still quite a bit of ice on it which made it very treacherous.  Being that I'm a little off balance anyway, I took it nice and slow in the icy spots.  Once onto the other side of the freeway, the path was good and it was flat and I was able to do a little bit of running.  I was listening to my iPod so it was one song walk, one song jog.  I continued this pattern as long as the trail was good.  When I returned to the starting point after three miles, I still felt good so I continued around the snow covered trail around the lake for another 1.2 miles.  In all I did 4.2 miles run/walk which is the longest distance I've done since finding out I was pregnant.

For 27 weeks into this pregnant, I'm excited I'm still able to do a little bit of running.


Betsy said...

Go you! Take what you can get when it's there, right?

..:danielle:.. said...

yay!! welcome back! :)