Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dress for Success

Because I'm not training for anything, to have control over my workouts, and to be close to a bathroom, I have basically done all of my workouts on the treadmill this winter.  Every Saturday, though, our running group meets for a run.  I, obviously, can't meet up with them, but usually go with Dave and I do my own little workout.  We switch off locations every other week.  One of the places we run is a metro park where we run on trails and it's quite hilly (for Central Ohio).  Because of the terrain, I've been forced to only walk there during almost all of this pregnancy.  For the second time this season, it snowed a significant amount on Friday so the trails were very snowy and the temperature at the start of the workout on Saturday (today) was 27, with a wind chill of 16.

How the heck are you supposed to dress for this workout with those temperatures when you're just walking?

Here's what a wore:
Two pairs of socks
Leg warmers
Swishy pants
Long-sleeved base layer
Long-sleeved shirt

Was I at the South Pole?  Was I scaling Everest?  How tomatoes!  That's a lot of clothes.  (Funny enough, Dave was wearing close to the same amount of clothes while running and he said he was dressed just right.)

Well, I was burning up!  And I couldn't figure out what layer to take off to make myself more comfortable.  Everything was thick and cotton and really couldn't be taken off.  I did take my hood (sweatshirt) off my head and unzipped my fleece halfway.  Two socks was too much.  My feet were sweating.  If I were running, I would have known exactly what to wear, but walking?  Yeah, I just haven't figured that out yet.

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