Monday, January 07, 2013

Monday's Menu

Like the rest of the world, I am addicted to Pinterest. Although I don't pin too much, I do enjoy looking through it on a daily basis and if something really sparks me, I'll go ahead and pin it.

I have a board on Pinterest titled "Yummy".  I have basically only used this board to pin desserts because, well, that's the kind of food I like.  Every once in a while I will pin a different type of food or recipe, but mostly just desserts.  With my interest in becoming a better cook, trying new recipes, etc. in 2013, I might have to start another board with real food (not just desserts).

One thing I have really missed since becoming pregnant is an occasional alcoholic drink.  I miss a glass of wine to unwind the day.  I miss my margaritas with tacos.  I missed not being able to celebrate New Year's with a tasty treat.  However, I have found some interesting alternatives that while they may not be direct substitutes, they have certain been an good non-alcoholic interpretation.  I found one on Pinterest (see below) that Dave and I made for New Year's dinner with the family.

Here's how we made it:
Mostly ginger ale (we wish we had bought the diet stuff)
A scoop of frozen limeade
A dash of grenadine

Overall, it was pretty good.  I wish we had mixed it a little more because as you got to the bottom the limeade was so strong it would pucker your face. Most of the family drank it and enjoyed it, so I guess it was a hit.  I will definitely make it again before the end of this pregnancy.

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