Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Totals

Things are slowing down greatly for me.  I'm still "working out" but that's mostly taken the form of walking 17:00-20:00 minute miles.  Every once in a while I might be able to manage a couple minutes of a jog here and there, but the belly has gotten heavy and I'd rather just walk.  Plus, I'm a little worked up over getting varicose veins since the baby is sitting so low and causing pressure throughout my legs and nether regions.  :)  I did quite a bit of swimming during January, although I'd love to do more.  The open swim hours at the Y are not that convenient right now because of a couple different swim teams, but hopefully in the next month that will be changing.  Of course, by then I may just be too big to do anything and ice cream will be my only answer.  That might be a workout I'll enjoy greatly.

Swim - 8000 yards
Run/Walk - 46 miles
Visits to the YMCA - 10
Cost per visit - $7.47

1 comment:

Val said...

An ice cream workout is the kind any Kurth can get behind gladly! Sign me up!