Sunday, January 13, 2013

Baby Shower Mania

Yesterday and today can only be described as "Baby Shower Mania."  Dave and I (and my mom) decided to do all our baby showers at once.   Dave and I hosted our non-traditional baby shower last night and my mom and sister hosted a more traditional baby shower earlier today.  Now, I'm just the point that I almost got in an accident driving home from my mom's house and came home and cried just because I was tired.

Here's how the weekend went.

I took Friday off from work and cleaned the house like a maniac.  Saturday, Dave joined in on the cleaning fun.  We finished up about 0.5 seconds before our guests started arriving.  You know how on HGTV people are always asking for a house where they can entertain people?  They love to entertain?  Yeah, that's not us.  It's not that we don't want our friends over; we're both just kind of social awkward and don't really know how to be hosts.  Thankfully there were two distinct groups at this party, our college friends and our running friends, and they were able to keep each other entertained.  We had set up the house to keep people busy: XBox, photo booth, board/card games, and yet, I think people just stood around drinking, eating, and talking.  I worried all night long that people were not having a good time, but it sounds like it went okay.

P is two weeks away from her due date.  I'm 12ish.  My kiddo kicked her during this picture and she felt it.

After everyone left, my parents and Dave's parents stuck around and we opened our gifts for them.  We got a lot of great stuff, including all our running friends chipping in and getting us our running stroller (picture on Friday).  We also absolutely loved the elemental blocks my parents got us.  This kid's going to be so smart!  We took the stuff up and threw it in the crib so Sloopy (the dog) wouldn't ruin the stuffed animals already.

Sunday I woke up feeling hung over.  Too many people, too much activity, not enough sleep.  I had over done it.  But, I had to put on a good front and head to my parents' house for round two of baby showers.  My mom and sister were throwing a more traditional baby shower which was almost all family and a few family friends.  There was good food, great cake, and silly games (which I requested NO games!!).  The whole situation seemed really weird.  As I said, I'm kinda social awkward and felt like everyone was staring at me.  It's not like I'm 22 and people are like, "oh it's so cute you're pregnant", it's that weird, "Huh, we never thought this would happen to Meredith."  It wasn't until the party was over that small talk was made and I felt more comfortable.

My family was more than generous and got us amazing gifts.

We got a lot of great supplies like thermometers, bath supplies, diapers, a changing pad, our diaper bag (that's the backpack - we're such athletes), and a few clothes (including clothes for the gender we are NOT having).  I have so many thank you notes to write!!!

We still have so much we need for baby.  It kind of scares me.  We're hoping to make a list this week of things we still need and prioritize them as to what is actually needed and what we just want.  Then we're going to scour the internet and stores to find the best deals.  I'm starting to feel a little panicked, like I'm running out of time, and will never be prepared.  I suppose this is typical.  This was only a minor crying breakdown with my dog.

More info coming this week of more baby shower awesomeness.


Amy said...

OMG! You are like the cutest little pregnant woman!!!

Val said...

You and P look fabulous. =) Truly. You are both adorable.

Breathe, Meredith. Breathe. People who take no care of their bodies whatsoever can do this, so you will do it out-of-the-park-well. Breathe!