Monday, August 24, 2009

The countdown has begun

It's seven weeks until the marathon and things are starting to ramp up. This week doesn't involve a whole lot of miles, but it does involve a lot of hard work. Today started with drills on the track. I coached track (distance) for six years and although I emphasized doing drills, I really didn't understand their importance until I started being coached. What people don't understand is that doing drills are just as effective as running miles and miles and can totally replace a workout of miles and miles. Coach emphasizes form because without good form you can't continue to get faster. Today I concentrated on form. I was sweating bullets, my heart rate was really high, yet in one hour I only ran a whopping 3.91 miles. However, I am as sore as I would have been had I been doing full out sprints over and over again. Today's workout wiped me out. I stretched, drank a recovery drink, and slept for two hours this afternoon. I was spent. And tomorrow, there will be another hard workout. There is a race on the horizon and it will be good.


D said...

Since ELF doesn't read blogs, she won't see me ask you to e-mail me and tell me what kind of drill workout you did today. I'm intrigued!!

Molly said...

Wow, 7 weeks already!!! :)