Saturday, August 22, 2009

Getting it off my chest

Tonight I got a parking ticket, which really pisses me off because I paid to park tonight. I was parked in a lot where the numbers are painted on the lot and then you slip your money into the little keyhole. The thing was, the numbers were so faint that you couldn't see what your number was so I guess and I guessed wrong. So instead of the $3 I paid, I now owe $15 for guessing wrong. Argh! I'm calling on Monday and give those people a piece of my mind.

This was also capped off by finding out that I was supposed to be out of the building by 10:30, while I was loading my last load at 10:30. Did they not see I was working the entire time to get out of there as fast as I could?

I had a great night tonight at the wedding we did, why did it have to be ruined by these two, out-of-my-control, things?


D said...

I hope you took a picture of the parking spot!

Michelle said...

ugh! when I was at OSU, I went to the BMV downtown (didn't know my way around enough to go any where else, I guess). Anyway, I put the maximum amount of money in the meter, but knew I was going to run out. But, the line was so long (and I was there by myself) that if I left) I'd be back at the end of the line and it would start all over. I suppose I should've asked someone to save my spot, but no one looked very friendly. I got a ticket, and wanted to protest it, but decied the time and effort probably weren't going to be the effort. It REALLY made me mad, though!