Friday, August 14, 2009

Foto Friday--Hartford Fair Edition

My sister lives out in the sticks. Actually, it's only a 1/2 hour from where we live but it is COUNTRY! There is a really popular county fair about a mile from her house and yesterday I attended for the first time. I took along my TTV contraption and took a lot of pictures.

I'm really digging these pictures and I've been thinking about selling them. I have my own shopping cart that I use for the photo booth, but I'm not really driving any traffic there. I've been thinking about using Etsy, but I'm a little nervous about how much of a cut they take. What's your thoughts on this? Do you think people would be interested in buying these pictures?

Here's a few of my favorites from the fair yesterday.


Andrea Hill said...

those are super-cool!

the thing to think abt Etsy is - even if they take a big cut, at least you're making something..

miastella said...

Have you considered Big Cartel. My friend who has a very popular craft blog, house on hill road, used it to see camera straps...very cool camera straps! Since she has a large following, and knew that most of her purchases would come from those who read her blog, and that she wouldn't benefit from the etsy search option...she went with big cartel. She sold out in a day.

Big cartel does not have a search engine, so it doesn't have your store pop up in a search of say photographs. Email me if you can't find it...but its worth looking at.
Also...they don't take such a big cut!

miastella said...

ok...found the link to big cartel.