Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

This morning while running I heard something hit beside me. I knew it had been a bird dropping and I thought, "woah, that was close." Then my watch beeped to change intervals, I looked down at it, and it was covered in bird poop. Yuck!

So what has been the grossest thing that has happened to you during training or racing?


jeff said...

this happens to me whenever it is hot and humid and i'm working really hard.

i don't mind, but it gets me some odd looks.

Emmett said...

Wow, that sucks, sorry to hear. Can't think right off the top of my head too much, but I have had to run to the side of the road to go to the bathroom, thats never comfortable.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hey Meredith! Well - it was actually while spectating a race last year in Pensacola. A Pelican pooped and it landed on my shoulder. The three guys I was with all stepped away and one exclaimed, "Now you've got good luck for a year!"

It didn't help, though, as I was covered in pelican poop. Yuck.

So... I can definitely empathize with the bird poop. YUCK.

Val said...

Obviously I don't train or race, but while at Angel Falls with a bunch of campers and a volunteer whom I'D used to camp with (who's also an excellent friend of mine), we were singing at the campfire. The firelight had drawn bugs and moths, and as I inhaled to sing the chorus of "One Tin Soldier", a moth flew into my mouth and turned into powder on the back of my throat. I'm gasping and "gackhhhhkking" and my friend Jon quips, "song a little too high for you, Val?" and cracks up. I manage to cough out "no, ugh, moth!" and he starts laughing that much harder. Ick. =P They're not very tasty.

miastella said...

gross! mine has to do with a spit misfire...haha...gross!