Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Little Miscellany

A little bit of miscellany today....
  • On my bike ride Sunday I forgot to wear my sunglasses. I didn't think this was a big deal. Up until this summer, I never wore sunglasses. However, I have had something in my eye since then and it is REALLY bothering me. No amount of eye drops or sleeping is helping.
  • I went to the local middle school/high school cross country race this evening. The girls I used to coach are now seniors so this is kinda the last hurrah for me as far as knowing anyone participating. What was interesting to me is that I never heard any of those athletes breathing hard and it didn't seem like any of them were working very hard either. Is that what I look like when I'm running? I'd like to believe I'm hauling and working hard all the way to the finish.
  • With only a few weeks until the marathon I've decided to give up the alcohol until after the race. Why? I don't know. I figure I'm investing a lot financially and hoping to do really well with a possible new PR so why sabotage it by not following through on all aspects of my training? This will be hard as I'm part of a weekend-long wedding next weekend in California and love me a good glass of wine.
  • I've had headaches every day for weeks. When are those gonna go away?
Finally, if you are in the New Albany area come to the high school football game on Friday. Not only is it the alumni game, my dad is being inducted into the high school athletic hall of fame for his 20 years of time keeping volunteer service for football, basketball, and track. See you Friday!!


D said...

I cut out booze (not intentionally) a long time ago cuz I hate hangovers. I sure do love being drunk though...

IronMatron said...

I actually hate wearing sunglasses when running-I feel like I can't see as well--but getting shit in your eyes is the WORST! Hope you got whatever it was out.
I have never given up alcohol for racing. hmmmm. I wonder what that says? :) I did give it up for three pregnancies, though! haha! Nine months--now that's a long stretch!
Can't wait to hear about the marathon and how it goes.

Cilla said...

We will be there!