Saturday, June 27, 2015

Adventures in Grocery Shopping

My parents graciously watched Anderson last night so I could go to the grocery store.  I really dislike grocery shopping, but I enjoy the challenge of getting the best deal and saving the most money.  So armed with a billion coupons and a long list, I began my trip.

The shopping went as normal as possible.  I rolled up to the check out lanes with a very full basket.  As I approached the check out lanes and here is where the adventure began.  I lucked out and caught a check out girl who had just opened her lane.  She didn't see me sneak in and begin unloading my groceries.  She was turned towards the other, full lanes and let them know she was open.  A woman scurried over with her cart and was not very happy to see me already there.  She lashed out at me and the check out girl.

You told me to come over here!!!

I took my items off the other belt to come over here!!!

We both apologized (first come first serve, honey), but it didn't matter.  She was so mad that she left her cart blocking the lane and walked out of the store.  Good grief!  She basically only had water and a few other items in her cart; she could have gone to the self check out.  As my son would say, calm down mama.

The adventure didn't end there.  Like I said, I had used a bunch of coupons and of course, there were problems with some of them (my fault as I was trying - unsuccessfully - to double down on them).  The manager had to be called over to check my bags and rescan my coupons.  By this time the lane was full and I was holding every one up.  I was embarrassed but at least no one was making a stink.

I had come armed with five reusable bags (yep, I'm that girl) and they were all full along with a few other plastic bags by the time I was finished.  They didn't all fit into my cart, so the check out girl put one on the bottom.  As I was walking out, that bag fell off my cart.  Ugh.  I picked up my items and put them back in my bag.  I tried to put the bag into the cart.  It was heavy and full and I was struggling.  My blueberries jumped out of the bag, fell to the floor, opened, and scattered.  Blueberry explosion!  At this point I just wanted to get the heck out of there.  I picked up the container with the few blueberries left in there and left.

Why can't anything be easy?

FYI - I saved $35 using coupons.

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anynomous said...

I can relate to losing the blueberries; several years ago one package popped open on me as I was making my way through the parking lot to my car-blueberries everywhere! I was so mad--it was late winter,they were organic, and consequently very expensive, may as well have thrown my hard-earned five dollars down the storm drain. Horrified mothers had to cover their children's ears the cussing was so bad. Anyway, since that time I have seen lots of spilled blueberries in the parking lot. I always get a chuckle out of it now but still wonder why it's always the blueberries.