Thursday, June 18, 2015

June Hip Update

I've lost track of what number of hip update I am on.  Number four?  Number one thousand?  Who cares? 

This morning I went to the doctor for my four week check-up on my hip.  The hip is better but not 100%.  I still have some pain when I do too much, when I hyper-extend my hips, and when I sleep.  The limp is gone, but I can still feel every step.  I'm definitely not ready for running. 

The doctor started the appointment asking about my pain levels and what I had been doing.  He did some strength exercises.  I was concerned about my lack of medial strength.  He said that was due to the break so that strength would come back.  My glute was super tight from all the limping so he did some ART to loosen it up (and the pain in my outer hip has gone away with it).  I asked about what might have caused the break.  He said it was probably bad luck.  I agree.  I asked about the Hokas.  He wasn't a fan.  This surprised me as he is a trail ultra runner (100 milers).  I'm going to try them anyway.

In the end, he is keeping my recovery super-conservative.  Frustrating, but the right thing to do.  I still can only swim with a buoy and lift weights only while seated.  No water jogging yet.  Ugh!  I am now allowed to bike with very little power.  No getting out of the saddle.  He said I could ride outside even.  And that's about it.  My next appointment is in four weeks.

At least I can add in biking.  That will help me feel like I am actually exercising and keeping myself in shape.  Plus, I can add the baby trailer to my cruiser and get out of the house with Anderson to do things locally. 

My coach said I was being incredibly patient.  Well, it's either that or suffer a worse break and need surgery.  I'll take patience and a healthy return. 

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Carina said...

Ha, patience with no viable alternative. I'm glad it's improving, even slowly.