Sunday, June 07, 2015

Week in Review

The hip is starting to feel better.  There are days I wake up and forget about it and can get around without limping.  Then there are days where I've obviously done too much and hobble around pretty severely.  This week I had good intentions of swimming a lot, but construction continuous on the master bath (it may never get done) so I had some other things I needed to attend to.

I got in three swims last week:

1. 10 x 250 pull with :10 rest in between
2. 1250 pull
3. 2 x 1000 with 1:00 rest in between.  I got to swim this one outside.

Carina asked me last week if I could pool run.  The answer is no; not yet anyway.  I'm not even allowed to kick while swimming!   I got back to the doctor in a week and a half and hopefully I'll be able to add in a few more things.

Go out and run a mile for me today!

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Carina said...

This shows how little I know about swimming -- I'd think you'd just drown if you couldn't kick! That's probably just me.