Thursday, June 04, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Yesterday was National Running Day.  Real holiday?  Hallmark holiday?  Made-up holiday because runner's are cool?  (Yeah right.  We're like the nerds of jocks.)  Whatever way you slice it, I didn't get to participate.  Stupid hip.  I'm already so over being injured.

So, did you participate in National Running Day?  If so, what did you do?  How far did you run?  Did you run an extra mile for your injured friend *wink wink*?  Are you going to run an extra mile for your injured friend today since you forgot yesterday *wink wink*?

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Carina said...

It's kind of like how back in high school Valentine's Day could make me cry all day when I'd (always) just broken up in early February. The timing of National Running Day a couple weeks after your diagnosis is pure misery! At least not all your classmates are getting carnations from boyfriends delivered to their desks by the French Club as a fundraiser, but maybe you had to see a few extra runners on the street, and maybe a facebook feed full of people showing off their runs... I remember the pain.