Friday, June 19, 2015

Foto Friday

I can't believe I have stuck with the 100 Happy Days project.  So not like me.  Let's get to it.  Days 12-18.

Day 12 - Where's Waldo?

Day 13 - Last Saturday was spent out of town at a friend's 40th birthday party.  Anderson didn't take a nap all day and played hard.  We weren't even 10 minutes leaving out of their driveway and he was already asleep.

Day 14 - The jungle that is the fenced-in part of our back yard.

Day 15 - Crack me up.  Anderson fell asleep UNDER his pillow.

Day 16 - "Stop Mama!"  It's going to be a long 100 days, kid.

Day 17 - A truck, a bus, and a tractor walk into a bar...

Day 18 - Every week after swim lessons, Anderson takes a lap of the track in his pajamas and then goes to Zumba.  I'm not kidding.

Eighteen days down.  Eighty two to go...

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