Thursday, June 25, 2015

Oh The Places You'll Go (and Race) - South Carolina - Dave

Dave is away on business this week and got lucky enough to find a small 5K tonight in Charleston, South Carolina, a state he has yet to race in.  It was a trail-ish type race, small - about 100 people.  The race was cheap, no frills, and finished at a watering hole where there was pizza, beer, and awards.  The weather has been incredibly hot in South Carolina this week and he said it was about "9000% humidity".  And as you can see from these pictures, he looks rather warm.

Yes, the logo is an iguana on a vespa. 

Dave even did well enough to finish third in his age group and earn himself a mug.  Good job Dave.


Carina said...

Does he get to go to the funeral? I wish I was there to just stand outside in a show of support.

Meredith said...

That would have been an amazing experience, but no, he'll be in Hilton Head on Friday. He was driving there after the race.

Carina said...

Either way, nice to be in the state, some kind of alliance/support.